Ways To Avoid That Classic Winter Coat We All Put On Over Christmas

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. I know what you’re probably thinking…it is not just the goose that has strapped on some timber! Don’t sweat it. It’s that time of year. We all do it, put on a “winter coat”. But here are some ideas to help you not balloon over the festive period.

Join a gym

May sound like a pretty obvious piece of advice! But so many people leave signing up to a gym for January. The world and their dog espouse that whole “new year, new me” mentality and there is nothing wrong with that, but actually it is in the run-up to Christmas where you could use the gym more than ever! Do things differently this winter.

Don’t stockpile food!

Yes, I know the temptation is to get all the Christmas shopping done by the end of November. But you think that cupboard full of Twiglets, Cheese biscuits and Quality Street is going to stay unopened until December 13th? Is it heck as like! You know full well on the second of December you will be sat there with a cheeky Bailey’s and a Mince Pie listening to Buble. So hold off for as long as you can before loading your home with yummy treats.

Don’t go out for unnecessary drinks!

You will get invited to do things. You don’t need to go out on a random Saturday because you fancy a few jars. Spend the night on Red Dead Redemption instead! There will be lots of nights out in December and remember drinks are not calorie free! Quite the opposite. It’s called a beer belly for a reason.

By all means, have a movie night but…

Don’t use them as an opportunity to pig out on crisps and cheeselets! As delicious as these snacks are, sitting and munching through an entire bag is going to go directly to your derriere. Popcorn is a surprisingly healthy alternative. Portion control important as well by pouring it into a bowl you won’t eat a whole bag. Carrot sticks are good. You can munch through a bunch of these with no issues! Or make your own trail mix using various dry breakfast cereals. This is a yummy treat and better for you than deep-fried pringles!

Get active

I’m not talking about the gym (this time). During the festive period, there are all kinds of activities specific to this time of year. Parades and Carnivals, pantomimes etc. Why not get involved with one of them? They usually involve activities that require a little elbow grease! So you get a good workout and you get out of the house, away from the stockpile of yummy goodies!

Invite round friends who have a lot of kids

This is especially handy post-Christmas when you have a plethora of left-over, erm… leftovers. Kids are like giant food hoovers. They are especially good for getting rid of the toffee pennies in the quality street. Why do they still exist? Yuck. Plus if they aren’t your own kids you can send them packing as soon as the sugar rush kicks in leaving their sad, jaded parents to clean up after the mess you made! Winning.

Make a Christmas cake

You were probably going to do this anyway, right? But why not make one and donate it to one of the homeless charities this winter. It’s good to help the homeless all year through but as nights become colder the extra support is always greatly appreciated.


Slimming teas

This is a great excuse to visit your local Holland and Barret. They do a range of natural green teas that aid in weight loss and appetite suppression. They contain all natural ingredients and are the perfect accompaniment to your new winter diet.

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