Making The Jump From College To Uni

So you are almost done with college. You’re totally ready for uni, right? I bet you feel like you’re getting the hang of adulting? Think again! The leap from college to uni can be daunting and isn’t an experience to take lightly! But that isn’t a reason to panic. Just take a look at our handy guide and you’ll be crushing the uni thing in no time!

What to expect?


A student loan might not go that far. So be prepared. Living by yourself can be costly. This can be offset if you are lucky enough to have parents who can help you out, but if not then a part-time job can give you a big financial boost. Often there are lots of jobs aimed at the student market in a university city/town. Just make sure to get a good work/life balance. Remember all work and no play made Jack a dull boy! And if you don’t allow yourself the odd break you may struggle. You aren’t at college any more!


Well, the biggest change that most of you will face is a geographical one. Many of you will have been attending a local college and starting university often results in moving to a different town. Of course, if you are lucky enough to find a decent university near to your home, you may well commute but for a lot of you, this will not be an option. This may well represent the first time you will be moving away from your parents. This can be scary, but also it is exciting! Drink it in! In many ways, this represents you finally gaining your independence and in a lot of ways is the final transition from a young adult into full-blown, ass-kicking grown up!


The way in which you study will develop too. Although there are a lot of changes between secondary education and further education (Wasn’t it cool not having to call your teacher’s sir anymore?) the learning style was quite similar, right? Uni is very different! It is far more independent and that can come as a massive shock to some. You don’t really have lessons anymore, you have lectures and a lot of your learning will come from reading! Learn to take notes, maybe invest in a Dictaphone. But either way, brace yourself for a big change. Don’t worry about it though it’s part of the process of converting you from a wet-behind-the-ears student into a red-blooded knowledge machine!


Perhaps one of the single greatest things about the university lifestyle is the diversity of people you will meet. Universities are not elitist organisations, far from it! Some of the free-ist liberal thinkers you could wish to meet attend universities. Don’t worry there are some strict conservative types too! That’s the beauty of university it forces people from all walks of life to come together. It really is a time to open your horizons and experience life in new ways. If you are someone from a small town it is an opportunity to see a snippet of the wider world. Which is probably part of the reason a lot of student’s end up travelling.

This is a good thing!

The most important thing to remember is that this is a time to look forward. Consider it this way, if attending college is like learning to ride a bike, going to university is where the stabilisers are removed. Use that freedom to make the most out of your journey. Embrace the changes and don’t be afraid. Of course, it might be a bit scary but all of the best things in life are!


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