These are All The Christmas Movies You Need This Winter

I know it is still November but as soon as Halloween is done and dusted most of us will be casting a cursory glance towards the festive period. There are many traditions associated with this wonderful time of year. Among them is snuggling up on the sofa under a hot blanket, with a hot chocolate enjoying a good Christmas movie. Here are some of the best you can watch this year.

Miracle on 34th Street

If there is a better Santa than Richard Attenborough I’m yet to see them. Yes, this is a remake of an older black and white movie. But the remake is just so endearing, and enduring! The film is heart-warming as the kind-hearted Bryan Bedford does all he can to save the adorable Kris Kringle from going to prison. Due to the fact he is made to look like a violent man by a toy shop owner trying to put Cole’s department store out of business. Essential Christmas viewing.

The Grinch

If ever there was a piece of casting that was just “done right” it is Jim Carey playing the Grinch. Even if he wasn’t made up in the correct attire Carey would have nailed this role with his trademark funny facial expressions. The Grinch tells the tale of one of the “whos” (residents of the fictional Whoville) who are born different and therefore bullied and becomes mean and isolates himself from the rest of the town. One Christmas he decides to get revenge by “stealing Christmas” but thanks to Cindy Lou The Grinch has a change of heart.

Love Actually

Love actually is a funny old film. It is essentially a compilation of several love stories all going on simultaneously. As long as you are not averse to a bit of Christmas romance there is definitely something in this movie for you. Some of the stories are sad. For example the ill-fated marriage of Alan Rickman (he’s made this list twice now!) and Emma Thompson. Some of them funny like Hugh Grant’s fling with Martine McCutcheon. And some of them just cute. (Yes Lil’ Sam on the drums!)


Okay, this makes the list partially because I’m in Love with Zooey Deschanel. But let’s all be honest here. It is a cracking Christmas movie. The story of the human raised to believe he was an Elf. He moves to New York and discovers his birth father, a typical Scrooge-like character, he then falls in love and saves Christmas. If all the cheer and merriment doesn’t do it for you then it’s still worth watching just because of how amazing Zooey’s voice is!

Santa Claus the Movie

This classic sees Dudley Moore play the mischievous, but loveable Patch who almost puts a pay to Christmas day. The impressionable Elf starts producing new toys for a wealthy and unscrupulous businessman. This film really explores the “history” of Santa in a way that many films don’t.

Die Hard

There are two types of people in this world. Those who believe that Die Hard is a Christmas film and people who are wrong! Okay, the only real link to Christmas is the fact that the movie is based at Christmas time.  Many would claim that Christmas isn’t Christmas until they have seen Hans Gruber plummet from the roof of the Nakatomi Plaza. Bruce Willis would later reprise his role as the iconic John McClane

Home Alone

Arguably Macaulay Culkin’s finest hour (although let’s not forget My Girl and Richie Rich) His turn as the adorable Kevin is fantastic. Left at home by his parents and forced to defend his home against the relentless onslaught of local cat burglars Harry and Marv. Kevin constructs a wealth of elaborate booby traps to thwart their efforts.

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