Stan Lee’s Most Amazing Cameos

It was a sad day for true believers everywhere recently as the godfather of comic books, Stan Lee passed away. The Marvel comics creator and brainchild behind the likes of The Hulk, Iron Man and Spiderman recently died at the impressive age of 95. And while Stan is obviously famous for creating so many characters that have graced our silver screen, he is no stranger to the movie world either. Making appearances in Kevin Smith’s wonderful Mallrats as well as cameos in virtually every Marvel movie ever, so without further ado here are Stan Lee’s best cameos


Stan shows his face in the critically derided Daredevil. Despite starring Ben Affleck the film bummed big time but Lee’s cameo is a highlight. He is about to walk across the busy road without looking when he is saved from getting hit by a bus by a kid, queue some over the top feigned surprise which makes for an amusing comic moment.

Not content with just creating superheroes, in Spiderman 2 Stan Lee becomes one! In arguably the best Spiderman film starring Toby Maguire, Stan Lee reacts, to save a woman from the falling rubble.

X-men Last Stand

In one of the films most notable scenes both Sir Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart are made to look dramatically younger as they approach a young Jean Grey and she displays her amazing abilities. Cars fly into the air as gravity is turned on its head. Poor, unassuming Stan Lee is busy watering his garden and looks atypically confused when the water from his hose starts defying gravity. It’s classic Stan Lee overacting at its finest!

Fantastic 4 – Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Stan attempts to attend the ill-fated wedding of Reed Richards and Susan Storm but gets stopped by a security guard suspicious of his identity. The indignant Stan Lee protests his innocence but to no avail as he is carted away.

Iron Man

I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely au fait with Iron Man when this movie was released. I had heard of the character but knew very little about him. It seems weird to even say that now as he has become one of the most iconic and well-recognised Marvel characters. In Stan’s cameo Robert Downey Junior’s Tony Stark mistakes Stan Lee for Playboy Lothario Hugh Hefner. Perhaps because Stan Lee is surrounded by a bevvy of beautiful babes.


In one scene Thor’s legendary hammer is stuck in a hole and a big pick up truck is trying to haul it out of the ground. This results in the back of the truck being ripped to shreds. It is revealed Stan Lee is the driver as he smiles a goofy smile and asks “did it work”?

Captain America: The First Avenger

This is possibly my favourite. While waiting for the army’s new “super soldier” to be unveiled a suited guy comes out to report an issue. The camera switches to Stan in the audience in full military garb who quips “I thought he’d be taller”.

Avengers Age Of Ultron

In this brilliant scene, Stan is a war veteran who overhears Thor bragging about a special alcoholic beverage. He claims the drink is far too potent for mortals. Of course, Stan Lee winds up taking a shot before having to be carried out muttering his famous tagline: “Excelsior”.

Captain America – Civil War

Here Stan plays a befuddled delivery driver who accidentally pronounces Tony Stark as Tony Stank! Quality chuckles!

Of course, there are many more cameos, included unexpected ones in animated versions of his work. Plus a cameo in Big Hero 6.

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