If You Don’t Have All These Snacks In Your House This Christmas Are You Even British?

Okay so let me preface this article by saying that if you can afford to buy a buttload of food this holiday season don’t forget those less fortunate than yourselves. Even giving a little to those who can’t afford snacks goes a long way especially during those colder months.

Right, that is the morally correct bit done and dusted now on to the fun. These are the must have snacks for festive Britain this year


Okay, they taste quite a lot like marmite, so like marmite, they are probably a little bit divisive. There was an episode of Mr Bean where he was hosting a Christmas party and run out of Twiglets so started covering matches with marmite and serving them and I’m not sure if taste-tested if I could tell the difference. But whatever snack looks a bit like a giraffes neck?

Mini Cheddars/Cheeselets

Cheese and Christmas go together like peas and carrots! Okay, so cheesy biscuits have probably never seen cheese in their lives…in fact, they may even be vegan-friendly! But they are still delicious and so deserving of their place on the list.


A funny sounding German word for this utterly delicious German treat. Lebkuchen (easy for you to say) is a sort of soft gingerbread. If you are looking for this delicious treat you will often find it while wondering the aisles of your favourite neighbourhood Lidl – funny that, the German delicacy in the German shop.

Mince Pies

Mince Pies is arguably the most British thing on this list. There are several ways you can enjoy a mince pie. Perhaps the most common approach is to stuff it with as much clotted cream as is humanly possible. You can heat it and pour on some double cream, or as I recently discovered at my local chippy, you can batter them and have them deep fried! Yum.


It isn’t just clever advertising Pringles are legitimately as addictive as crack! Only with more calories. These aren’t just popular due to their novel packaging. For some reason, they just seem so much nicer than regular crisps.

Miniature Heroes/roses/quality street etc.

I very deliberately put miniature heroes first! Let’s be honest out of all the Christmas tins these are the ones you are really hoping for, right? Quality Street aren’t as good as they used to be but are worth buying for the green triangles alone!


Yes, you can certainly have a cheese board at any time of year, but for some reason, us Brits seem to want to wait until Christmas before we crack open the Wensleydale and a nice Brie! It is also the time of year where we get really experimental and start doing stuff like eating grapes and jam with cheese. If you did that in the summer you’d be sectioned!


Okay so not technically a food, but if there is a drink associated with Christmas then this is the one. Picture the scene now: You sat in front of your perfectly decorated tree, you have the Buble on and in your hands, you are nursing a Baileys over ice! Heaven, right?

Fruit jellies

These beauties usually come packaged in a circular package with alternating Orange and lemon segments. Although you can get bags with thicker jellies. They are delicious sugar laden sweets. They don’t stick to your teeth in the way a toffee might and have just enough chew to make them pure deliciousness! If you don’t have these at your house this Christmas I’m not coming round!


This strange Greek/German bread dessert is quite popular around Christmas time. As with a lot of festive treats, it involves fruit, however, I still think you would find it difficult to convince a dietician that this counted towards your five a day! Sorry.

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