7 Alternative Ways To Celebrate Christmas This Year


1. Skip the gifts

While it may sound crazy to skip gifts at Christmas of all times, it may actually be a unique way to celebrate the real spirit of the Christmas holiday. You may either forego it completely and save a lot of money, or do something instead of giving something. For example, all family members may chip in to go to a restaurant or buy tickets to a show everybody likes. There is another trend getting more popular every year–self-gifting. Instead of going on a spending spree trying to impress your relatives, spend a much smaller sum, but on yourself and things you know you need. Just make sure this new arrangement will not offend your family.


2. Give The Gift Of Thought

One of the ways to celebrate Christmas that is both inexpensive and non-traditional is to include giving either the gift of thought or the gift of time.

With the gift of thought, each member of the family must give a gift with thought put into it, such as a favourite baked dish with the recipe attached, or “redeemable coupons” for things like taking out the trash, giving a back massage, or washing the dishes for a week straight. With the gift of time, each person must come up with a homemade gift.


3. Explore New Culture

There are hundreds of cultures in the world, and many of them celebrate Christmas in their own unique and sometimes unusual way. Some traditions are funny, some are weird, but all of them are fascinating. So here’s the idea: choose a country everybody in your family will agree to and spend a culturally-themed Christmas. Decorate your home in the way it is decorated for Christmas and New Year in this culture, imitate their traditions, prepare national dishes–you and your folks will be sure to remember it for years to come!


4. Go On Vacation

Instead of staying at home, pack everyone in your family up and all head out on a mini-getaway for the whole family to enjoy together. Many popular destinations often include a cabin up in the mountains somewhere, a cottage by a beach resort, or even a family favourite you’ve had in your family traditions. No matter where you choose, it will be non-traditional since the traditional way of celebrating Christmas includes being in your own home.


5. Choose Different Christmas Food

Most families, generally speaking make the same Christmas dishes for their annual Christmas dinner. Most people enjoy a main dish that includes turkey, chicken or ham and that’s about just how much thought goes into it. So, if you are unwilling to organise an entirely culturally-themed  event, why not get a taste of another country’s traditions by experimenting with food from all over the world? The possibilities are endless!


6. Handmade Gift

The main idea behind a handmade gift is to of course, not to give people run-of-the mill presents bought in shops that you can see every year and tend to find almost everyone buying for eachother. Instead, opt for cute little things you’ve made with your own hands for a personal touch.


7. Give Christmas To Someone Else

This year, opt to give Christmas to someone else who may not have the resources to make one for themselves. Choose to buy them a tree, a Christmas meal, and a gift for each of them and watch your generosity change someones year for the better.

Taking the time out of your day to show someone a little attention and a lot of Christmas spirit could give them happiness, and in return, self-satisfactory and fuel a new family tradition for years to come.

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