7 Must Have Apps To Help You Through The Holidays


The holidays are upon us and whether you’re embracing the Christmas spirit by throwing on your favourite ugly Christmas sweater and singing Christmas carols or just simply playing up Santa’s visit for your children, here’s a few simple but helpful Christmas apps to help you tick off your Christmas list and get you in the right spirit.

1. Punchbowl

Punchbowl is a brand new app that lets you send out beautiful invites to everyone on your holiday list with a few taps of your fingertip. The invites/cards can be sent via text and are completely personalised to what you want, giving you the ability to add personal touches like handmade art, your photos, or any of their default stock designs. So what makes this app so useful? Well, when guests RSVP to your invite, you’ll be notified right on the app, eliminating the need to track down everyone’s replies in email, text, and various other messaging apps, meaning all your information is easily accessible and stored in the one place.


2. Santa’s Bag

Santa’s Bag is an easy to use app for the whole family that helps it’s users manage Christmas gift planning and everything that may go along with it. The app handles everything from listing the number of “gift-ees” you may have, maintaining your shopping to-do lists and making sure you stay within’ budget. The app also has the ability to lists gift preferences and suggests catchy tag-lines for each gift.


3. Santa Tracker

Once a year you’ll usually see most children trying to take a moment on Christmas Evet to track Santa’s journey and how close he may be to their home. Santa Tracker now llets you see where Santa is located at all times while he’s delivering presents all around the world. The app starts tracking Santa on Christmas Eve, and shows you a satellite map where you can see in detail where he is.

4. Hopper

If you’re planning on visiting relatives this Christmas, using an app like Hopper is a great (and much easier!) way to find out what day and time you should buy your tickets to save money instead of paying for an extremely high cost of flights. With Hopper your “Christmas tax” is no more!

5. A Call From Santa

If you’ve got children who are still relatively young and have access to some type of app-supporting tech, A Call From Santa might just be your new way of keeping your kids in the Christmas Spirit. As the app says, you can call Santa, record a wish list, and hear what Santa is doing. This app also has a Santa Chatbot that chats with you, just like you’re chatting with the real Santa. You can also request a call from Santa, and you can let your children record a voice message for Santa.

6. The Christmas List

The Christmas List is an app that is great to keep track of your Christmas shopping. You can do exactly what it implies – make a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for, and then set a budget for them. By adding a friend to your list, you can walk into the store, tap your friend’s name, and see the list of items you want to buy for this person, and, of course, the budget you placed for them. The app is a great way to keep track of what to buy, and most importantly not go over budget during the holiday season.

7. Christmas Radio

Are you a big fan of Christmas music and want to enjoy Christmas songs to the fullest while you still can? With over 80 unique stations, the Christmas Radio app lets you listen to wide variety of Christmas songs released throughout decades. Make your festive season more joyful with your favourite songs and celebrate the special moments with your friends and loved ones like never before!



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