Is The Zone Of Silence A Modern Day Bermuda Traingle?

There are effectively two kinds of conspiracy theories. The first kind, that’s harmless, just urban legends. You know the ones like “If you eat popping candy and drink fizzy pop that you will explode”. You won’t by the way, you’re more likely to get a reaction from diet coke and Mentos. Then there’s the kind that causes disruptive behaviour. Unfortunately, the Zone of Silence has started to slip into the latter category.

Wait conspiracy theories can cause issues?

Well obviously. You think flat-earthers do well in their Geography exams? But a more realistic example of the destructive power of conspiracies comes on the back of the old “aliens made the Nazca lines” chestnut. Thanks to that theory dozens of “believers” trample all over the ancient monument trying to collect “samples”. Sure, it’s good fun for the amateur paranormal investigators but not so fun for those trying to preserve and study the archaeologically interesting site. Of course, even without those theories, you would still probably get spiritualist types exploring that area. But which category does the zone of silence fall under?

Straight away the name gives it a bit of a mystique, doesn’t it? It’s an area that’s developed a modicum of notoriety. The spot in the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve in Durango, Mexico is reportedly played host to several strange happenings! Queue the X-files theme tune!

Amongst those reports are some of the following spooky goings-on: Radio and television signals refuse to work. Compasses don’t function properly. People disappear into thin air. It’s all a little bit “Bermuda triangle”. At least on the surface of it, but let’s delve a little deeper.

The Curious Case of The Missing Munitions

The most famous of the area’s legends is that a US missile went missing and then turned up in the zone of silence! (some 400 miles from where it was supposed to go!) Now if this is to be believed, and let’s make an assumption for a minute that the US government doesn’t really believe in ghosts and little green men, then a missile disappearing and then being discovered somewhere else would be a pretty big national security worry. Yet it didn’t make the news?

Allegedly locals were tasked with guarding the missile and keeping it secret whilst it was dug from the ground to be removed. Nothing out of the ordinary there. I’m sure the military would happily employ civilians in this capacity.

However, after it was removed some local entrepreneurs just thought it might be good to cash in on the event. This opened the doors to a tourist trade. All by suggesting that the area is an area rife in paranormal happenings. Which is obviously untrue! So that is how the majority of these rumours started as a way for some canny locals to make a quick buck. Sorry to dash your hopes of the area being a beacon of mystical energies!

But what’s the harm? Surely it’s good for the economy

You might think that this is harmless. You may even think in an area whose main source of income is farming that a new source of income would be welcome. Well, that’s not really the case, unfortunately.

Would-be investigators trample over farmland and leave gates open. They leave rubbish around whilst on the hunt for phenomena that just don’t exist and that’s wherein the problem lies. So whilst the Zone of Silence might have a cool nickname. Don’t go there! Its rubbish and your presence hurts the locals!

So there we have it another paranormal phenomenon based on, well basically nothing. Come back to us in the coming weeks and we will look to debunk some more conspiracy theories.

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