These Are The Best Comebacks Made By Rappers

Not everyone can have a career where they smash out hit after hit. Even the world’s best rappers go through lulls. Everyone loves a comeback, whether a rapper has been inside doing time, or off filming a Hollywood blockbuster. Here we take a look at seven of raps best comebacks.

1) Scarface.

Early in the, Houston-born, rappers career, he could do no wrong with hit album after hit album. It had been two years since his last effort when the Fix was released and “guess who’s back” made sure the album was also a success propelling the disc to number one in the R and B charts. Unfortunately, he has never hit those heights since.

2) DMX

Here is a man that could seemingly do no wrong, but after focusing on movies and dipping his hands in a ton of other pies the New York rapper seemed to be a spent force. His track “We Right here” seemed to prove all the doubters wrong and still remains one of his best.

3) Snoop Dogg

Not a classic example of a resurgence more of a case of a guy that constantly reinvents himself. He shows up just about everywhere from NFL to Wrestlemania and just when you think you’ve heard the last of the D.O double G he appears next to some pop princess in a smash hit single.


4) Jay Z

There was some lag time between Jay-z’s third blueprint album and the Magna Carta (four years), but it was worth the wait. This was the album that seemed to see Jay Z finally crack the international market charting well globally and selling faster than green at a Snoop Dogg gig.

5) Ma$e

Perhaps the most unusual comeback on the list. Ma$e quit the rap game to go work as a pastor but then made his comeback with the single “Welcome Back” It wasn’t particularly well received though so he turned back to Jesus.

6) Dr Dre

Dr Dre will probably never release his Detox album. The reason? Because 2001 was rap eutopia! An absolute beast of an album with “Still Dre” and “Forgot about Dre” acting as perfect comeback singles.

7) Eminem

If you are an Eminem fan you may claim that Em has never gone too long without an album release. If you are a music fan, in general, you might point out that everything he released beyond the Marshal Mathers LP was substandard by comparison to his first two records. So there was a certain symbolism in his 2013 album being called the Marshall Mathers LP 2 as it saw a return to form. Yes there was still plenty of pop fodder but the album saw Slim Shady return and it had a much darker feel as a result. This album represented Eminem at his best.

And as if that weren’t enough Eminem made another dramatic comeback after his album Recovery (which we waited 4 years for) was critically panned in 2017. He dropped a surprise album earlier this year in the form of Kamikazee which pretty much had critics eating their words! On it was the now infamous “Not Alike” which started his feud with your rapper Machine Gun Kelly. But the album calls out several established stars. You’d imagine having seen how he destroyed MGK that they may avoid trying to come back against the “rap god”

Bonus pick

8) Kris Kross

Unfortunately, this will never happen as half of the duo has sadly passed. I had waited almost twenty years for a fourth album but unfortunately, I will never see one. Time to go dust off my “Jump” single.

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