Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date A Girl With A Dog

I’m a dog person. I can’t stand cats they are all evil as far as I’m concerned! There is a very good reason to date a fellow dog lover. In fact, we have managed to cobble together 8 reasons!

Dogs have an innate method of bringing out the best in human beings. I think it’s the fact that dogs seem to exhibit human traits that are somewhat amiss in the modern world like loyalty and respect. To be fair I use the term respect with a pinch of salt as I can’t count on one hand the number of times a dog has taken a dump on my carpet! I still hate cats more though!

So without further ado here are the 8 reasons why you should consider a lady with dogs, you know for being your girlfriend:

She Will Probably Be Active

Unless she’s a bad dog owner of course. In which case do you really want to date someone who doesn’t look after their dog? No, I wouldn’t either. As a general rule, she will take the dog out for long walks. This means she will probably be pretty fit and the two of you can do this together. Seriously it’s actually fun to go for walks with someone you like. Try it!

Light Hearted Moments

Dogs do crazy stuff and they make us laugh. There’s a reason that videos with pets do so well on YouTube and that’s because seeing them do cute stuff makes us all smile!

Shopping For Her Is A Doddle

This sounds a bit shallow but shopping for a lady can be tough. Am I right fellas? Well not so much if she’s got a dog. Get her a mug with her dog’s picture on it and she will be made up. Get her anything related to her dog and she will be pleased as punch. You literally cannot go wrong! Well, you can, but it’s hard to do!

It’s Easy To Cheer Her Up

We don’t always know the right things to say to cheer a girl up. Myself I’m dreadful at it, perhaps that’s why I’m single! But if you’re dating a dog lover you know that video of a dog on a skateboard is going to put a smile on your ladies face.

She Knows How To Take Care Of People

And don’t we all just want to be looked after? I know I do! If a woman can deal with a dog’s issues she can deal with yours. At least you don’t crap on the carpet…wait you don’t, do you?

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You Just Might End Up With A Full Litter of Dogs

And unless you are a cat person (in which case leave and never return!) this can only be a good thing!

She Knows How To Be Loyal

Like I said to you this is an overwhelmingly abundant quality in dogs. And it rubs off too. A dog and its owner develop a bond. If someone has been able to show that level of commitment and that unquestionable loyalty to her pet chances are that’s going to ring true for her relationship with you as well.

You’ll Get To Pet Dogs Together

Okay, yeah it’s fair to say her dog is going to take up some of her time. But please lads try and keep your ego in check just a little bit! An upside to this is that if she’s into one dog she will like them all! Walks in the park mean that you will stop and stroke any cute looking dog! Stroking dogs is scientifically proven to be good for your health. Win!

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