What Women Think About When They Masturbate

I can’t be the only guy out there who has ever wondered what a woman thinks about when she masturbates. Yes, women do occasionally do it, It’s not just us men-folk that like to self-love.

It’s fairly straightforward what goes on in a blokes mind when they masturbate, it’s all stockings and suspenders and lesbian three ways. Oh yeah and quite often your best mates mum, if she’s hot! (Mine isn’t!)

Fortunately now us men can get a little insight into the mind of a woman to see what creative imagery they use to get themselves off. Literally the most exciting information that has ever been discovered (sorry Nasa)

It’s pretty common

The first thing to point out, and I found this particularly interesting, is that of the 4,500 surveyed 59% of men and 65% of women admitted to masturbating despite being in a loving committed relationship. Someone explain to me how in the hell the figure for men is lower than that for women? I’m already doubting the validity of this study! Oh, I get it, men lied!

There be some of you reading this at home (I hate that phrase, most of the time I read web content whilst on the loo) For those of you reading whilst having a poo (that’s better) you may worry that all these committed people “sorting themselves out” is a sign that there are a lot of bad relationships out there. It’s not really like that. Having a little “alone time” can actually be good for a relationship.

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It’s rare that somebody is able to get themselves off with just the physical sensation alone. I don’t know about you guys but when I’m doing it I certainly fantasize about someone else being there. (Actually, there are usually two or three people there!) But these fantasies are perfectly normal. (I’m starting to sound like Jim’s dad aren’t I?)

Here is a shocker it was found that the main fantasy was the same for both genders. They confessed that their fantasies often involved their partners. Wait, what? Did they ask these guys whilst their partners were there? Because that might explain that! The figures are staggering with 60 percent of women claiming to get off from thinking about their partner and 69% of men claiming the same (haha 69!)

Wait, what?

Whilst that might come across as quite sweet in a way. The second most popular fantasy was not so sweet. Guys you might want to skip this paragraph if you’re a bit insecure. 58% of dudes and 48% of their female counterparts confessed to dreaming of an ex whilst bashing one out! Ouchies. That’s some information worth trying to forget!

What was in third place? Well for 57% of men and 43% of women it was porn followed by roleplay and BDSM (That’s bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism for those who don’t know) coming in fourth (pardon the pun)

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Most people reported that masturbation didn’t make actual sex feel any worse. Which is a real positive in fact some women think that a regular flick of the bean actually helps make sex even more pleasurable. So that’s good to know!

Sex expert Tracey Cox had some wise words to add on the subjects suggesting that there are masses of benefits to masturbation and reassures us all that it is perfectly normal and natural (See it’s not just me and Jims dad who uses that phrase) She also extols the virtues of mutual masturbation as a great way to deal with stresses and anxieties and as an added bonus it will help you to bond with your partner.

So there you go. Men and women aren’t so different after all!

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