Has The World Gone Crazy As Man Marries His Robot

At times my other half has described me as being a little robotic. What can I say? It’s tough being a writer and it takes its toll. However, compared to this guy I suppose I’m the realest guy in the room! And I mean that literally.

Unlucky in love

The IT worker, who never seemed to have any luck with the ladies, decided the approach to take was to make his own. Or at least a robotic version of one. Personally, I think if you are really lonely you should just get a dog. But maybe I’d feel a little different if I had the skills to build a robot. Who knows?

The story almost sounds like it could have been the plot to a low budget sci-fi movie doesn’t it? Actually, it sounds exactly like the plot of Weird Science. The gentleman behind the story is telecommunications employee Zheng Jiajia. He created the female cyborg and they recently tied the knot in his native China. It’s sort of sweet in a way, isn’t it? No, I didn’t think so either.

Driven by frustration

Allegedly the poor guy had become so frustrated with his love life that once he left the university in 2011 he began working on developing his dream partner. Incidentally, I tried doing this myself. I created an attractive robot but it didn’t seem to matter how I programmed her, she still wouldn’t watch wrestling with me! Like most men in long-term relationships, Jiajia decided to commit to his “partner” by marrying her. Awww! Or possibly Ewww. Depends on your perspective!

His blushing bride

His “girl” is named Yingying, which I have to be honest sounds like a name straight out of a budget Asian horror movie. But hey, I’m not judging. (much.) He recently has started trying to “upgrade her” so she can do housework. Because what sort of wife would she be otherwise, eh? (If you are being highly sarcastic it isn’t sexist.) Anyway, you have to wonder about her other capabilities. We haven’t been able to source pictures so it’s unclear how lifelike this robot it. Whether we are talking Terminator or Johnny 5.



The happy day

The ceremony sounds like a beautiful affair. Yingying looked spectacular in her black suit and traditional Chinese red scarf. Although I’m sure there were many desperate to attend it was an intimate ceremony. Jiajia, 31 invited mainly work colleagues as well as a couple of family members. Members of Yingying’s family where there as well, they included a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a ladyshave and a red toaster.


The world just keeps getting weirder

This is just one in a hundred stories that are flat-out weird. I believe there was a case recently where somebody got married to their house? I’ve also heard whisperings about people marrying their pets. Perhaps it’s just me but I think marriage is a sacred union (says the divorcee) but it’s true. Shouldn’t it really be between two human beings that love one another?

Don’t get me wrong I have possessions that I like and that I’m fond of, but I wouldn’t marry them. I think it is far too easy in the modern world for human’s to generate false intimacy. You see it with romances blossoming in a virtual way. Particularly in Asia where virtual girlfriends is a really big trend at the moment. I mean yeah, it’s fair to say that it does help with any potential over-population problems but it all seems a little insidious to me. I’m as progressive as the next man but some old-fashioned values should possibly be more, well valued!

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