Often Imitated Never Bettered – 11 Rappers That Are Cut From The Same Cloth

Some rap artists are so unique that as soon as you hear their new material you can instantly place the artist. That isn’t always the case though. And after all, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? If that is the case then there are a lot of flatters here. So go ahead and check out these rappers that could be voice doubles :

Shyne and Notorious BIG

Before he was locked up for a good portion of his life Shyne was developing quite a reputation. He was recording for Biggy’s record label, but what is most remarkable is how alike the pair sounded. Both quality rappers.

DMX and Ja Rule

Although not carbon copies of one another there are enough similarities between the two to inspire the odd double take. They both have a gravelly sound and the New York accent and were both pretty successful around the same time.

Young Thug and Lil’ Wayne

These two even look a little alike. You know, if you squint. Lil’ Wayne is a veritable veteran of the rap game and has been recording since he was 15. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if Thug hadn’t owned a few Lil’ Wayne CDs in his collection. It would explain the similarity in their respective styles.


Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah

The previous pair may have looked alike but that isn’t the case with this pairing. The comparisons between their rap styles though are striking and obvious. Although it seems it comes as an unwelcome comparison as Bronson wrote a diss on about it on one of his tracks.

Rich Homie Quan and Future

Okay so in this instance it isn’t the artist’s actual voices that sound alike, but cut me some slack it’s not always easy to fill a list. These two MC’s over-reliance on autotuning mean their robotic vocals are pretty damn alike.

Jay Rock and The Game

These two are both a part of the LA scene so perhaps it’s no surprise they have a similar sound and the similarities don’t end there either, both have pretty lengthy careers as well.

Sacario and Jay Z

It’s not unheard of for Jay Z to be criticized for his use of samples in his work and so it seems a tad churlish for him to accuse someone of copying his style. However, he allegedly isn’t best pleased with the fact that Sacario has been compared to him. Beyoncé is your wife, is this really that important?

Red Café and Obie Trice

Café can definitely claim seniority over Obi, who was thrust into the spotlight by his D12 bandmate Eminem. Whilst they have a similar cadence their styles differ quite greatly.

Young Moose and Little Boosie

Young Moose isn’t as well-known as some on this list but he has clearly been heavily influenced by Boosie who uses a similarly frenetic pace and high pitch to his bars.

Your old Droog and Nas

You know when you sound like another artist when…

…You release a track and somebody thinks you are that artist working under an assumed name. That’s’ what happened to Droog this past summer. Not a bad man to be compared to at all.

Asher Roth and Eminem

Okay it might be a stretch to compare anyone to the “rap god” I mean they are both white, so that’s a start, right? They have a similar flow and I think that Slim took exception to the slight similarities as back in the day he did drop a diss in one of his tracks.

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