You May Be Surprised At Some Of The Answers To This Sex Survey

In the famous words of Salt and Pepa “let’s talk about sex” After all it’s the reason we are all here, isn’t it? Okay, a very small minority of you are here because of a test tube. But it is a negligible number so for argument’s sake let’s assume most of us were conceived by traditional methods.

It is one of the most discussed topics on the planet and also one of the most studied. Not just by scientists and researchers but by writers and by people who just want to be better at it. It is a biological imperative and therefore a lot of us think about it, a lot! What is it they say the average man thinks about sex every seven seconds? (Finally, something where I’m better than average!)

So then, let’s talk about it

The fine people at Skyn condoms have been performing a sex study and it makes for a fascinating read. Covering everything from sex to masturbation these are some of the highlights of the study. It focused primarily on millennials and their sexual habits. So without further ado let’s have a look!

Getting ourselves off.

The first thing that seems striking is how often both men and women masturbate. Or more so the end results of that masturbation. With a massive fifty percent of men claiming to orgasm more than once whilst “sorting themselves out” and 44 percent of women agreeing with the sentiment! I’m not surprised at a women’s ability to achieve multiple orgasms, but men having multiple orgasms is almost unheard of isn’t it? Surely that’s just a myth. Next, you’ll be claiming that Santa Claus is real.

But what really gets our generation going?

What really turns on the twenty-somethings of today? Well, apparently sexting is pretty high up on the list! (In case you’ve been hiding in a cave that’s sending sexy messages to someone!) 48 percent of those asked said they do that at least once a week. The survey also seems to vindicate dating apps too. Revealing that 66% of those asked had slept with someone from a dating app. I must admit I’m guilty of that! (Can I get a high five?) Recent figures for the likes of Badoo, Tinder and Plenty of Fish suggest that the number of active users is on the increase as well. It would appear that online dating is not just a craze!

Where to go, if not the internet?

If you are looking for some action in the USA then New York City is your best bet. No wonder they call it the city that never sleeps. All night long baby! However if “hit and quit” is your thing then the top three destinations for that are Houston, San Francisco and Washington D.C.


That can’t be true, can it?

Hair colour has an impact on your chance of getting laid as well. With blondes the most likely to put out. I guess they do have more fun.

As for the most popular positions. Well, apparently doggy style takes the win here. Interestingly singles are more into having the lady on top whereas couples prefer missionary position. People who I have talked to suggest that if they are entering into something casual that doggy-style is preferable because it is more “just about sex” I think that the missionary position is far more intimate and therefore preferred by couples. Having the woman on top is sort of a halfway house between the two. You have the intimacy of eye contact but if she is sat up right there is a distance too.

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