Being at Your Peak – Studies Show When You Really Peak

Getting old is scary. That’s a gimme. But there are clear advantages. You aren’t born with all the skills you need to be a success. That comes with time. And by the time I mean age! So without further ado here are the ages that you hit your peak at some pretty important stuff. Obviously, these things will vary from person to person but it’s a good rough guide.

7-8 Learning a second language is at peak

Although this is a bit controversial most believe that pre-puberty is when your ability to learn a second language is at its peak. Which explains why my stepson already knows more French than moi.




18 Brain processing peaks

22 The ability to remember unfamiliar names

You know that feeling when you meet someone new. They give you their name, four seconds later it’s gone. From the age of 22, that’s only going to get worse. Sorry!

23 A woman’s peak attractiveness

According to a study by a dating website. Most men prefer women in their mid-twenties, irrelevant of their own age. Whereas the ladies tended to go for an older guy until they hit mid-thirties when they look for someone just a tad younger.

Oh and life satisfaction seems to peak here. Enjoy your happiness because after 23 it goes!

25 Physical strength peaks

This is when your muscles are at their prime! Although this period can last a good 10 years. Personally, my muscles are as weak as they have been since I was about 9, but that’s just me!

26 is the best age to settle down. And the best age to marry to avoid divorce is between

28-32 I guess I tried to early!

28 is also the average age of an elite marathoner!

30 is when your bone mass is at its strongest. Try telling that to my mate who at thirty just broke his ankle!

31 Chess players peak at this age. Personally, the peak of my chess prowess was 13.

32 remembering names might be the realms of a younger man, but at this age your skills at remembering faces are legendary!

39 This is when a woman’s salary is at its peak. So start saving some pennies. Dudes you have another 9 years yet!

40-50 Understanding the emotions of others. Is this why old people seem so wise?

50 Arithmetic skills peak. Which is great. It means I’ve got fifteen years of being crap at maths before I become a whiz. That’s how it works, right?

69 – Life satisfaction peaks once more. Is that just because of the number 69. I bet it is!

60-70 Your vocabulary peaks. Really? Mine is splendid now. It even has the word vocabulary in it!

70 Men and women feel best about their bodies. Shocking right? But people’s opinions once they hit this age change dramatically. Maybe this is because people can see past the superficial and appreciate what their bodies do for them. Wow, that’s deep!

70-90 You are at your wisest! I mean no shit! But it turns out that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Studies have shown that elderly people make the best students when compared to their younger counterparts.

82 Your psychological wellbeing is at its peak

Meaning cases of depression are at their lowest.

There is a cool miscellaneous stat as well. Allegedly people are most likely to make big decisions in years when their age ends in a 9. Perhaps it’s the fear of hitting a landmark birthday? These decisions include things like buying houses, having an affair, running a marathon for the first time etc. Never mind a midlife crisis they should call it a year 9 crisis!

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