Want To Know What To Get Your Man For Christmas – How About A Sex Doll With A G-Spot?

Good morning and get ready for your daily dose of creepy. I’m sure you’ve seen stories recently about sex robots and like me, you may think they are just a little bit weird. You would have to be a fairly unique individual to want one, wouldn’t you? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly they haven’t totally usurped the good old fashion sex doll just yet! (I think it’s probably a fairly small minority that uses them as well.)

Not your ordinary Barbie!

This is a doll with a difference though. Not just a creation to please its selfless master this doll can be pleasured itself. It has a G-spot! (and several erogenous zones) The fabled spot that is supposed to send a woman into ecstasy! It’s weird seeing this appear on a doll. Some people are fairly dubious as to whether they actually exist on a woman or not.

Like most of you, I find the whole notion of a sex doll a little creepy. That is largely due to the fact my kid sisters dolls used to creep me out as a kid. Plus when you grew up with movies like Child’s Play anything like this is a bit disconcerting. However, I can see practical applications for a sex doll of this ilk.

Practical applications

Just imagine you’re a guy with performance anxiety? Or just someone who really doesn’t know what they are doing in the bedroom. Would having a doll that can tell you when you are hitting the right spot be a bad thing? Yeah, on the other hand, it is degrading to women and objectifies them, not to mention how much of a slight it is on femininity.

Let’s be wholly honest these things are more likely to be used by people who wouldn’t get to use these skills in real life anyway! I mean if you are a half good looking guy with a thimbleful of confidence you are not going to need one of these are you? Having said that the creator isn’t a bad looking dude. I expected him to be very geeky.

Is this your cup of tea?

I am curious though. Would anyone who reads this site use this thing if they had the opportunity? I mean it is a massive leap from a fleshlight, isn’t it? Please feel free to drop us a line with your opinions. Do you think the idea of using this is depraved? And by the same token is it any more disturbing than using an artificial phallus to pleasure yourself? It’s a highly contentious issue and we would love to hear your opinions

The doll, who is called Samantha, is the brainchild of Sergi Santos. Quite why he made a sex toy where the onus is on pleasuring the toy itself is beyond me. Although scientists have studied the psychology of why men want to give women orgasms and apparently it triggers rewards centres in the brain when they do. So perhaps pleasuring this doll will have the same psychological effect. It’s hard to know.

The world is changing

It is a weird world we live in where people want items like this. Relationships are different from how they were twenty years ago. Take for instance the way we date. Online dating is becoming more commonplace than its physical cousin. You only have to look across to Japan where there is an uprising in virtual relationships. Divorce rates, globally, are higher than ever. As a species now are we being conditioned to only appreciate the flawless? Perfect skin, a perfect body and total subservience? Is that what we find attractive? Not me.


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