The Force Is Strong In These Star Wars Games

Star Wars is one of the world’s biggest selling franchises. It’s worth its weight in gold based on toy sales alone. Let alone the revenue it’s generated for its many movies. But while there is all sort of Star Wars merchandise it has enjoyed ups and downs. When it comes to translating the events of a galaxy far far away into a video game. Here are some of the best of a mixed bunch.

Knights of the old republic

This is the game that made Bioware a force to be reckoned with. It is also one of the best RPG’s ever made. The story was rich, engaging and contained an awesome plot twist. It was one of the first games to showcase a “good/bad guy” dynamic. There were tonnes of side quests and frankly it was just everything you could wish to hope for from a Star Wars game. For a long time, it was considered canon as well. A lot of people have struggled to not think of it that way.

Star Wars Galaxies

This game is painfully underrated and went through masses of changes. During each “era” of the game, there was a lot to like. I feel like they tried to do lots of different things with this game. If they had committed to making things better rather than simplifying the game to try and compete with World of Warcraft they would have fared better. Because in a lot of ways their game was better. The crafting system was in-depth enough to be a game of its own right. Looking for high-grade materials just to get a weapon with a few extra damage points was special. As was the massive range of roles you could play in the galaxy. You could be a doctor, a bounty hunter, you could rear pets, hell you could literally make a career from being a dancer. This game was just unique.

Galaxy of Heroes

Yes, we have included a mobile game on the list. Daring, I know. It’s actually really good. You build a squad from literally 100’s of Star Wars characters and level them up. They have custom gear slots (although this doesn’t affect their appearance) and they battle against other teams. It also has spaceships that operate in a similar fashion. The game is driven by a premium currency but it isn’t the type of game that never lets you have any of it for free. Nor does it make you use it to do anything important. Freebie players can easily compete with their paying cousins. A great business model for a mobile game.

X-wing vs Tie fighter

It’s fair to say if you saw videos of this now you would question our sanity for including it on this list. But believe me when I say that back in the day this game was groundbreaking. Graphically (for the time) it was amazing and really tested PC’s to their limits. Even if you weren’t a massive Star Wars fan you had to appreciate just how good it was as a pure flight simulator. Plus you got medals for winning missions! Almost a precursor to the modern day “reward schemes” you get in games.

Star Wars Lego

If this is just for kids then hand me my novelty boxer shorts. The fact remains that Star Wars lego is one of the best games ever! In fact, nearly all of its incarnations have been fab over the course of its lifespan. It just works. From being to use a wide range of characters, to the humorous tone. These games do the franchise justice and they are fun.

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