Don’t Know What An Incremental Game is? Here Are The Best.

If you are somebody who uses your phone or mobile device as a portable game system. Perhaps to kill time on a long train journey, or maybe when your other half is sat watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, then you may be familiar with incremental games.

What are these incremental games?

Incremental games are often very simplistic and don’t usually have much in the way of graphics. However, they are extremely addictive in spite of this. The concept is pretty simple, usually, it will be something along the lines of… You manage a business, you buy things you need, which makes you more money, which means you get to sink more money into the business and so the pattern continues. It may sound a little formulaic but seriously these games are like crack! Often they have some sort of clicking element as well. And you can often hire machinery or virtual workers to do the clicking for you. So without further ado let’s look at some of the best incremental games available on mobile at the moment.

Adventure capitalist

You start off with a Lemonade stand. You make a meagre profit from that but after a few taps of the button, you have enough to buy a second stand and so your profit doubles. Once you have brought about 25 of these you are probably earning enough to hire a manager. The manager will run your stands for you as you save for the next business, the slightly more profitable newspaper stand. All the while aiming for unlocks which boost profits and speed of profits. The game has expanded so you can forge a business empire on the moon and on Mars and also runs regular special events. The gameplay mechanics don’t really change it just allows you to get neat stuff.

Cookie Clicker

This is quite an early incremental offer and one that helped to start the trend. You begin by just clicking on a giant cookie which makes you money. You then can buy various upgrades to make this process more lucrative before unlocking an auto-clicker so you can earn while you are not there to click! Just about the only issue with this addictive gem is that you never get to actually eat the cookie!


Clicker Heroes

This fun and interesting game is similar in some ways to cookie clicker. Instead of clicking on cookies you click on monsters! You face an increasingly difficult set of monsters and at the end of every turn, you face a boss that is harder to beat. How do you increase your skills? Well, there are many methods. The primary one is buying heroes. You can buy multiple versions of these and there are bonuses unlocked when you buy 25, 50 etc. The game also features loot and a system where you can “ascend” this is common in incremental games. It basically is an option to start the game from scratch with a set of bonuses that carry on into the new game. Thus giving the game infinite replayability!

Make it rain

A simple and addictive little game that involves swiping rather than clicking. You have a “wodge” (it’s a word!) of notes and you swipe on them to make money. There are three types of bonuses, one to make your swipes worth more, one to make your auto clicker faster and one to improve your capacity to “bank” cash while you are offline.

Non-stop knight

Possibly the game with the swankiest graphics on this list. Your character runs through dungeons auto attacking creatures and beating bosses. You can intervene with a couple of specials but you don’t need to. As you progress you earn loot and upgrade your hero. Be warned, although you don’t have to be on the app to play, the game is unnervingly addictive!

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