5 Ways To Scientifically Make You More Attractive

1. Raise Your Chin

People often see a large jawbone as a masculine feature, but does this impact how sexually attracted we are to them?

Professionals state hat secondary sex characteristics (such as defined cheekbones and large jawbones) may show genetic strength. One theory  in particular is parasitic resistance. Which means that hormones like testosterone drive the development of secondary sex characteristics, and since those hormones also promote a healthy immune system, strong jawbones can show your potential mate that you’re fairly resistant to parasites. That’s also a great bit of info to drop to make a decent first impression.. minus the parasite part.

Additionally, men who keep tend to keep their chin up come off psychologically as more assertive and confident, even if they’re secretly self-conscious and shy.

2. Stop Smiling (Or Always Smile)

It turns out to attract a new partner, all you need to do is stop smiling.. or always smile – no in between. According to a study from the University of British Columbia showed that happy guys actually do kind of finish last.

During the study, a number of participants rated photos of men who were visibly displaying emotion. For example, guys who seemed happy ranked behind men who showed visible pride.

So what does that mean? Well, women found happy men more attractive. Simple, right? There’s most likely a host of sociological reasons for why but we’ll leave it to you to dig deeper.

3. Own A Dog

As if anyone needed convincing to own a dog, but it turns out that four independent studies researched whether men with dogs were more likely to attract others than men who didn’t have dogs and the results might surprise you.

The participants of the study were involved by asking for money, dropping money “accidentally,” or asking for phone numbers both with and without dogs. The results were most significant when men asked for women’s numbers: Men with dogs were three times more likely to get a number than men who were dog-less.

Researchers believe this happens because owning a dog shows that you are nurturing and capable of making long-term commitments. Mans best friend? How about mans best wingman.. or pup.

4. Stand Up Straight

It’s pretty well-know that people are generally attracted to confidence alongside all the beneficial characteristics it could sometimes have with it, like health and power, and according to professionals, all you need to do is stand up straight.

“Studies have shown that posture has a tremendous effect on how others view us and how we view ourselves,” says Health and Wellness professional, Samantha Morrison.

So how do you stand up straight technically? Simple start by putting your shoulders back ( which conveys that you’re in charge), and slowly incorporate more.

Morrison adds, “By simply standing straight and looking engaged during your everyday activities, you’ll see a major improvement in your daily interactions and overall self-image.”

5. Speak In A Low (Or High) Voice

It turns out that studies show both high and low voices can be attractive, and all in their own unique way.

According to experts, power pitched voices can also draw us in and deeper speaking voices come that are known to come from the diaphragm, are seen as more of a sign of strength and confidence among most.

While it’s not necessary to try and change the way you act or the way you look or even the way you sound (accent, slang, etc) as a way of attracting people to you or generally being more “attractive. This list can assist individuals who are wanting to build on themselves and consider each others pitch and tone without even realising it.

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