The Internet Reacts As Morgan Bashes Beckham For “Creepy” Kiss

Last week the internet was all abuzz over yet another scandal. David Beckham was caught once more…kissing his kids on the lips. Really? The picture was beautiful. Then again it was a picture with David Beckham in it. Let’s be honest he is one of the most beautiful men on the planet.

So what’s the big deal?

You would think there isn’t one, right? But Piers Morgan, the man that gets irate about “snowflakes” getting bent out of shape about things he deems unworthy of debate, is triggered. About something that most of us deem unworthy of debate. He has branded the fact that Beckham kisses his daughter on the lips as “creepy”. Okay!

But is it?

Well, here’s the thing if you have followed the internet buzz on this story opinion seems far from divided. There is a very small minority agreeing with Piers but most of the people joining the debate are firmly on the side of the man with the magic right foot. Of course, a great deal of the pro-Beckham rhetoric is courtesy of parents. But then it would be, wouldn’t it?


So what is the counter argument

Well, the theory is that kissing on the lips is intimate. The very act is associated with passion rather than tenderness. At least that is the viewpoint of the detractors. The suggestion is that kissing a child in this way is somehow the act of a paedophile. Of course, there aren’t many (if any) parents espousing these viewpoints. I guess it is really a matter of opinion. Not every parent will be comfortable kissing their kids on the lips and that’s okay. But should we really have a problem with those that do? Piers Morgan believes so!


Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Almost certainly there is more to this. It is not the first time that the TV host has had shots at the Beckhams. It wasn’t so long ago he branded their holiday snaps as vomit-inducing. Which seems a little harsh. The pictures were of the Beckhams enjoying time at the beach together. Morgan believes that the pictures were staged in order to help further the Beckham Brand. It is for this reason that he finds them so distasteful.


Here is the thing: What is Morgan famous for? His career is based on the back of being a journalist. Aren’t they supposed to be the people that report on celebrities? And yet Morgan has a disdain for a celebrity couple? Both of whom became famous based on merit. David on the back of his fantastic skills as a footballer and his great leadership of the England side. And Victoria as a member of one of the best selling girl groups of all time. A band that helped pioneer the idea of “girl power”. Piers, on the other hand, was involved in the phone-hacking scandal. It seems that Morgan often stirs up controversy to stay in the limelight whilst simultaneously deriding others for enjoying their fame.


So is this much ado about nothing

I think it’s safe to say that it really is. Parents are going to continue to kiss their kids as and when they see fit. And in the manner that they deem appropriate. I think the consensus seems to be that if anybody has a problem with that it is exactly THAT, their problem! As for Piers Morgan, I personally feel sorry for him. I mean if he had got a bit more affection when he was a child, perhaps if his parents had given him a smacker on the lips…

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