These Conspiracy Theories Will Have You Trusting No One

It’s time to don your tin foil hat and buckle in for an article that is going to haunt your life. From The Roswell Crash to 9/11 here are some of the most infamous conspiracy theories for you to baulk at while you eat your cereal. Be wary the government have stuck brain decaying bacteria in milk.

The Roswell Crash

Arguably one of the most famous conspiracy theories of all time. First, it was a crashed saucer, then it was a weather balloon. Perhaps nobody will ever know what it really was that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Adding to the intrigue was the Santilli footage which reported showing an alien autopsy. This was supposedly a body recovered from the crash but has now been proven to be fake.

Area 51

Okay, so we have to acknowledge that this “secret” installation does actually exist. But theorists believe this facility is used to harvest alien technology from crash retrievals. The theory goes that this is then developed into top secret alien/human hybrid vehicles. It is believed by some this is where stealth technology was invented.


Denver Airport

This one is worthy of an article all of its own. Basically, Denver already had a decent sized airport and yet another massive one was constructed in the city. Nothing particularly untoward there, right? Apart from the fact that from a birds-eye view it looks a bit like a swastika and all the apocalyptic art on display around the airport. Oh yeah and there’s the big hell horse statue outside it too. All this has led to rumours there is an underground facility contained beneath the airport.


Unfortunately rumours still persist that the terrible tragedy that befell the US on that fateful day was carried out by, or at least orchestrated by the government. There are several videos circling YouTube that argue that the building was destroyed using controlled explosions. There are several videos that debunk the myths too. Well worth a watch either way.

The Illuminati

There have been secret societies in the past such as the Stone Masons and indeed the Illuminati. However, the modern conspiracy is that the world’s elite and wealthiest people are all members and they are orchestrating a global catastrophe that only they will survive. This is all underpinned by the Rothschild family who owns all the national banks. And of course, the survivors contain the Kardashians because let’s be honest, post-apocalypse we will need them more than ever.

The moon landing

In the immortal words of REM “If you believe, they put a man on the moon”. Some believe that the USA was so desperate to win the space race that they faked one of mankind’s greatest moments. (It wasn’t bad enough Armstrong fluffed his lines, he might not have even been in space?) Theories claim that man might have never even been to space, claiming that the requirements to keep a person alive in outer space far outweigh the flimsy “space suits” that our, allegedly intrepid, astronauts wore.

Fluoride in the water

There really is fluoride in the water supplies. And it is there with all the best intentions. It is there because it helps to strengthen our teeth. Right? Well according to some people it is really there to control the populace. Allegedly it affects your intelligence and is slowly being used to control the population.


Another popular theory on how the government is controlling and manipulating the general population is through chemtrails left by commercial aircraft. I’m sure you have seen the trails left by aeroplanes, right? Well, conspiracy theorists hypothesize that these contain chemicals used to give people illnesses, or as some kind of mind control. There are all sorts of theories as to what is contained in the trails.

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