Feral Girl Discovered In India Who May Have Been Raised By Animals

In a scene that seems like it has been taken out of the Jungle Book, a feral girl has been discovered in a forest in the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, in Bahraich, northern India. Having been abandoned it seems the girl was unable to speak or walk properly.

The girl is just eight years old and it unclear how long she has been living feral, fending for herself. She was discovered by police officers who report she was with three monkeys when they found her.

Although that sounds kind of sensationalist wouldn’t it be amazing if the monkeys considered her to be “one of their own”? Although to be fair the girl and the monkeys apparently screeched in unison when the police found them.

the police view

The inspector from the local police station, Ram Avtar Singh, commented how she lacked the ability to speak and she was covered in bodily wounds. (Mostly on her arms and legs.) He also mentioned that she was wearing clothes but they were dirty and shredded and it seemed she had been abandoned by her family.

It is an interesting case to say the very least but by no means the first of its kind. In fact tales of abandoned children being raised by monkeys, or wolves or a whole host of other animals have been common throughout the ages. Often these are massively sensationalised though. You have to question the legitimacy of what the police report, don’t you? Perhaps they were putting two and two together and coming up with five?

The girl was obviously pretty weak when discovered. She was also very dirty and hungry. Her communication skills were virtually non-existent and it is reported she became violent when they attempted to treat her.

The medical view

The local medical doctor Dr Dinesh Singh commented on how she seemed to be scared of people. He mentioned how the way she moved was like a monkey moves when it feels threatened. Singh also commented on the girl’s wounds saying that they were quite bad and in some places, the blood was “oozing” from her. He continued to explain how the girl was clearly malnourished and how they fed her and got her cleaned up. However, he was quick to point out the girl was difficult to handle. She reacted badly when she felt threatened.

You have to think that she had been there some time due to her lack of motor skills. Which I think is really a testament to the girl’s resilience. To survive in that environment for what may have been years. (Just speculation on my part.)

What happened to the poor girl isn’t clear Dr Singh talked about her progress and how she had started to learn how to walk like a human but how she had tried to escape on a few occasions. He also commented on her eating habits and how she had learned to eat on her own but wouldn’t do so from a plate and would only accept food from a bed.

The future

As for the feral girls future. Well, it will hopefully be rosier then what she has already been through. I mean it’s sort of tough to imagine it getting much worse, isn’t it? Yet it still holds a lot of uncertainty.

Once she has made a recovery she will be sent to the government’s child protection department who will then be responsible for her. You have to feel for the poor girl who it would seem is almost starting again. She’s missed out on years of social and language skills which will place her at a massive disadvantage. I hope eventually she is able to integrate into society.

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