10 Days Until The Big Day. Here Are 10 Elf On A Shelf Suggestions.

Elf on shelf seemed such a good idea when it first came out. Not to mention the fact that it provided us with a most amusing (and eventually offensive) meme. But now if you possess one or two of these critters. And especially if you possess a child or two as well, Elf on the shelf is a bit of a nightmare.

So with just ten days to go until the big day is finally here. Here are 10 suggestions to give your imagination the much-needed rest that it deserves.

Munching on a biscuit

Because we all know that the cheeky scamps love them! Sorry, I realise that they are cookies to out US friends. This is so easy to do just have them with a half-eaten biscuit in their hands. as it is Christmas you almost certainly have an excess of biccies kicking about!

Doing some sewing

Okay, I understand that in the modern world it isn’t great that a blatantly female elf is a seamstress in this picture. When so-called men complain that sewing is a women’s job I promptly remind them that people in the armed forces regularly have to sew. It soon shuts them up. Is that still the case? I don’t know but if it wins my argument and strikes a victory for equality, then who really cares?

Sorting the popcorn

In this picture, the happy elf is just sat with a bowl of it. However, you could have your threading kernels of corn onto a needle and thread to be used as a Christmas decoration. Then when the kids wake up you and them can help the lovely lass/fella finish their endeavour. Making popcorn decorations is fun. Just make sure you have enough left for a nice munch at the end of it. Believe me, when you smell popcorn you want to eat it!

Making snowflakes

Way back before snowflake became a nickname for anyone who is offended by anything whether they have a right to be offended by it or not. It had a different meaning back in the day. It meant a drop of snow. These are classic, easy to make Christmas decorations. Why not have your kiddywinks make them? Alongside their happy, friendly elf buddy! Of course, you could have the Elf accidentally cut off its hand and splash on some food colouring for effect, thus teaching your young ones about using scissors and the inherent dangers of it. However, I’m not sure that’s really great parenting.

Reading a book

On the subject of teaching your kids good habits…Why not have the Elf Reading? I mean you could have them using a tablet. But kids do that enough of their own volition, don’t they?

Doing a puzzle

Because who doesn’t do this at Christmas? Why should elves be any different?

Hanging out with the presents

Okay so it lacks imagination, but it is simple to do. For extra effect why not have the little blighter with their arms around a pressie giving the effect that they are shaking it.

Elf Acrobatics

You can actually buy an elven swing for your fun-seeking little buddy. However, in this picture, they’ve simply used some red string and a candy cane. And let’s be honest it gives the Elf a bit of borrower feel. As if it has formed its own swing from Christmas tat. Cool eh?

Brushing their teeth

Yeah, by this point maybe your kids are a little tired of their elves preaching to them about how they should be living their lives. But if they brushed more regularly the Elf wouldn’t need to, would he? To be fair in this example the elf looks like he’s playing the guitar with the toothbrush, That’s pretty cool!

Getting ready to go out

This elf has simply donned its best winter wear. Okay, we are scraping the barrel but at least it is kiddy friendly!

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