In The Modern World Do We Really Need More Convenience?

We live in a world where there is an App for pretty much everything. We have the world at fingertips. Long gone are the days of raging pub debates. Often these are quelled in about six seconds thanks to Google. With all this time being saved is more convenience what we really need?

We have all done it right? We know that the bag of pre-grated cheese is more expensive but we know if we buy a block it will get grated anyway, right? So why not save time? After all, time is our most precious commodity, is it not? It seems in the modern world convenience drives so may trends.

Christmas dinner

One of my most enduring memories is of my grandmother sat prepping sprouts for the Christmas dinner. Quite why she was doing that is beyond me. Nobody likes them anyway. But they are part of Christmas tradition, I guess, so you have to indulge. She would sit there, with some old black and white movie putting little crosses in the bottom of them. To this day I don’t know if that was a cooking aid or had some religious significance. I could just google it! I’m making my own Christmas dinner this year. I’ll probably just buy frozen sprouts. You know, to save time.

What are we saving for?

Here’s the thing perhaps we shouldn’t be saving time. Time is not a commodity you can stockpile. I mean I’m sure you’ve all had one of those days where you weren’t working, you had the house to yourself so you did precisely nothing. We’ver all been there. Do that once in a while and it feels like an utter luxury. Do it more than once a month and you feel guilt over wasted time. And bumming around watching box sets is a waste of time.

Guilt-free time

So thanks to that microwave meal and using your dishwasher you have saved yourself a good 15 minutes. I mean it’s fair to say you had a fairly mediocre meal. But who cares? It comes out looking the same anyway. So how are you going to spend that time? Perhaps socialising. What does that look like these days? Perhaps ten minutes on Facebook or Instagram to see all of the amazing meals that everybody else is eating? Why not take a picture of your ASDA Lasagne? While you have that mobile phone in your hands perhaps 10 minutes on Candy Crush? I mean, you do have that expensive games console over there. But getting up would be inconvenient.


So I should buy a block of cheese?

That’s not what I’m saying. Get the grated cheese. For the sake a couple of pence it does save you time. But with the time you are buying, use it. I’m not suggesting for a second sitting and peeling your own sprouts. Ain’t nobody got time for that. All I’m saying is the time you are saving should be used to create memories. That moment with my Gran was totally innocuous but memorable. Make life memorable. It is for living after all.

So this is another anti-mobile rant

Well not really. I have a mobile and I use it. But here’s the thing. Mobile phones were designed to bring people who are apart together, not to keep people who are together apart. It’s great that due to Facebook that we can stay in contact with that cousin that went to Australia. But make the time to love that partner who is right next to you. Otherwise, you may find yourself staring at a picture of an EX on Facebook pining.

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