10 Things To Do That Don’t Require Your Mobile This Christmas

I suppose I better address the elephant in the room here. The irony is that most of you will read this on your mobile phones. But you can’t really beat a bit of Christmas irony, can you? Christmas is a time for people to come together. So here are some ideas on how to do that, so you can spend five minutes not glued to your mobile device.

Make your own Christmas decorations

We are all pressed for cash at this time of year. I know that Christmas decorations aren’t exactly pricey. You can pick up some fairly decent ones from your local pound shop. But craft supplies are also cheap and you can make some wonderful decorations. I know you are supposed to be putting down your mobile devices but there are some great YouTube videos to help you on your way with this.

Go for a walk

Seriously you have pulled out the big coats, the scarfs and the gloves for a reason. Get them on, get your family together and take a trip for a Christmas stroll along the beach! The crisp sea air is amazing and the beaches are always really quiet at this time of year.

Netflix and snuggles

Leave the heating off and all snuggle under a blanket for a Christmas movie. The shared experience will warm your soul like an emotional hot chocolate. Okay, it won’t be as tasty as the ones they serve at Caffe Nero but it’ll still be good.


I don’t know if you heard but it came home this summer. Winter really is the best time to play football. Yes it’s cold, wet and you will get muddy but there is something to be said about slide tackles in the mud and warm showers afterwards.

Hit the amusement arcades.

I’m sure you have been saving your 2 pence pieces all year round. Why not make a Christmas tradition of hitting up the local arcades and playing the 2p machines? If you are feeling particularly flush you can even have a few goes on the 10p naughts and crosses games, but bet responsibly.

Visit the bookies

Speaking of betting. There are a wealth of great sporting events on over the Christmas period. There is usually a full set of football fixtures on over boxing day. If you are going to be sitting in a pub there will probably be some form of sport on so why not ramp up the excitement by having a cheeky flutter?

Make a Christmas cake

This can totally be a full family experience. You can all have a turn stirring the mixture and if you have children you can get them to pour in the ingredients (after you have measured them of course). This also has the added benefit of making your house smell amazing.

Thrift Shopping

Shopping in charity shops is great fun. Not only that but you are supporting worthy causes at the same time. Perhaps go out with your family and set everybody a ten-pound limit and see who can come back with the coolest stuff.

Write your Christmas cards

It seems like the sending of Christmas cards is becoming less and less popular. I can’t be the only person who wants to see us reclaim this wonderful tradition. Okay, perhaps I am.


It is good to do this any time of year. But for some reason, it seems far more important around the holiday season. There are people less fortunate than you in the world and what a lovely gesture to try and do something to help them. Be it volunteering in a soup kitchen or donating to the local homeless. It all helps.

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