If Home Alone Is A Christmas Movie Then So Is Die Hard

Here at the Versed, we do like to tackle the biggest issues facing society and they don’t come much bigger than this. Is Die hard a Christmas movie? The debate gets dragged back up every Christmas so we are going to attempt to abate the debate.

Why do some consider it a Christmas movie

Well, to be fair it is based at Christmas time and it does have snow in it. What more do you really need? But the festivities don’t end there. There is Christmas music in it. Ode To Joy, Let it snow, Winter Wonderland. I’m getting festive just thinking about it. Plus John McClane (The lead good guy) has a wife called Holly. If that isn’t festive I don’t know what is. Throw in the countless reference’s to the fact it’s Christmas and it’s easy to see why many claim this is a Christmas movie.

The arguments against

It has lots of guns in it. It doesn’t have Santa in it. I know, what Christmas movie is complete without an AK47, but there you have it. In fact, if you do a google search for articles about why Die Hard is not a Christmas movie most of the arguments are that the Christmassy bits aren’t Christmassy enough. For example the fact that there is a Christmas hat, but it adorns the head of a corpse. But it’s still there, isn’t it? And the fact that the little girl only has one scene whereas in Home Alone Kevin features throughout. Actually, it’s interesting to draw parallels between Home Alone and Die Hard so let’s do that.

Home alone

Now there is no debate over Home Alone being a Christmas movie. After all, it is set at Christmas time (Oh wait so is die hard). But I hear you scream “Die Hard is too violent to be a Christmas movie”. So violence negates the christmassyness (it’s a word) of a movie? Okay, let’s forget for a second that Home Alone is a film about child neglect. Let’s also forget it also features attempted robbery. (Wait isn’t that basically what Hans Gruber is trying to do in Die Hard?)

Body count

Okay, it’s fair to say that twenty-three people die in Die Hard. But the film has the word “die” in the title. It would be confusing for everyone if nobody got shot. Now we all know that “innocent” little Kevin in Home Alone doesn’t kill anyone. However, let’s look at what he does do to the films “villains”. Shoots them with a pellet gun, smashes an iron to their face, makes them grab a red-hot doorknob, gets them to step on a nail, uses a blowtorch on them, hits them in the head with a shovel. Now the ailments these two could have incurred range from contracting tetanus to severe concussions and third-degree burns. At least everyone in Die Hard had a quick, painless exit. Don’t even get me started on Home Alone two. If that film were a reality there’s a good chance Kevin would be facing murder charges.

Christmas reality

The overarching truth is, and forgive me for being solemn for just a brief second, due to alcohol consumption Christmas is traditionally a more violent time of year. So with that in mind (serious tone switched off), both films are well deserving of their Christmas film status. Even though Die Hard is just better. And while we are at it can I just say that it’s about time we started to recognise Lethal Weapon as a Christmas movie. After all at the start of that, the song “Jingle Bell Rock” is playing.

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