With Mourinho Gone What Is Next For United?

So Jose has gone. The former United Gaffer did not survive the drubbing United took against Liverpool and has been relieved of his control. The word is that United will be looking to appoint a caretaker manager until the end of the season at which point they will hopefully appoint a full-time replacement.

Why did Mou go?

The writing had been on the wall. United are a sleeping giant and their fanbase demands that they are challenging for titles. Their defeat at the weekend leaves them seemingly out of contention of the top 4 and miles away from the top of the league. It isn’t just the results. Performances have been dire too. Gone have been United’s trademark attacking flair. Replaced with Jose’s cagey and didactic approach and it just wasn’t sustainable.

Have the board shot themselves in the foot

A lot has been made about Mourinho’s fractious relationship with world cup-winning midfielder Paul Pogba. He has sat out on a lot of big matches of late. Reports were that the two had a strained relationship and further evidence of this seemed evident in Pogba’s weird post-sacking tweet. (It has since been reported that it was simply a pre-planned publicity post for a sponsor).

The fact remains though that to many it looks as the board have sided with Pogba. And if so it sends a message about the kind of club Man Utd are. Will incoming managers really want to step into an environment where if they upset a player it is them that will be for the chopping board?

This season

United have stated that before the weekend they will have a temporary manager in place to steer them through until the end of the season. So let’s take a look at the main candidates for this role. (Nicky Butt, Michael Carrick and Arsene Wenger have already been ruled out.)

Laurent Blanc

A former United player with a history of winning trophies both as a player and as a manager. He currently isn’t managing so may be a good short-term solution.

Ryan Giggs

A true United legend and he has done the job before. Giggs is currently involved with the Welsh national side but may be available to carry out both positions.

Roy Keane

Keane has a patchy management history but certainly wouldn’t be afraid to take on the dressing room at Old Trafford. Although with the ill-feeling around the camp his presence may end up being more destructive.

Of course, there are many former players being linked such as Eric Cantona and Ole Solskjaer.


A the end of the season United will be expected to bring in a big name manager. Here are some of the favourites for the position.

Mauricio Pochettino

Many at Old Trafford want to see this happen. Despite a lack of silverware at Spurs he has transformed the club and plays attractive football. Poch is a very modern coach and would be welcomed at Old Trafford.

Zinedine Zidane

United crave success in Europe and Zidane has just a little experience in this area! The language barrier might be a small issue but at least he would have no problems communicating with Pogba!

Antonio Conte

Given his problems near the end of his stay at Chelsea, this could be seen as a negative move. Although he has experienced success in the premier league and that could work to his advantage.

Eddie Howe

He might be an outside bet but it would be a warm welcome to see Howe given a chance given what he has done at Bournemouth. Although United fans might be upset by his perceived low profile.

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