Stuck On What To Buy Your Family? The Versed Has You Covered

But I don’t know what to get for my great aunt’s new boyfriend. We’ve all been there. And what I really want to say is just don’t buy for them. However, if you are the kind of person who simply must buy a present for everyone and their dog (and we mean that literally.) We are here to help with your family pressie woes.

For that brother

Boys like gadgets. It is a fact. He may be in his thirties but if you buy him a drone he is still going to think the sun shines out of your backside. Of course, he will probably be equally pleased with anything that is remotely hi-tech. Things that are useful and practical will often impress this member of the family.

For that sister

Is she a reader? The Kindle is cheap and a nice pressie. Plus you don’t run the risk of getting her the wrong book. If she’s already got one get her a voucher for it. Because nothing says “I get you” quite like an Amazon voucher.

For that aunt

These are the people that bath sets are literally designed for. Don’t feel bad and like you are copping out. As an aunt you literally expect it and feel a bit weird when you get anything else. If you want to really impress her get something from Lush or The Body Shop. Because smellies are better when they are smellier!

For that uncle

Is he a beer drinker? (most uncles are!) Find out what his favourite tipple is and get him a home brew kit. It’s the perfect gift for a drunken uncle. If your uncle doesn’t drink, get a new uncle. I’m kidding. Respect his adult decisions and get him something classy. (Like Lynx Africa)

For that couple

Couple pressies are hard. Because they are basically a way of saying I don’t like either of you enough to buy you something individually. So you end up compensating by getting them something expensive. Thoughtful is the key here. Some kind of multiple photo frame may be a good shout. Especially if they also have kids!

For that toddler

For kids just get them something on trend. They will probably have more fun with the box, but at least you will be able to claim you are “down with the kids”. So what is on trend? Equestrian Girls is pretty popular. Paw Patrol is still a favourite. Baby Shark merchandise is so trendy, but you will have to really like the kid as it is pretty pricey.

For that teen

Ahhh the teenager. The most fun to buy for because no matter what you get it won’t be good enough. Like with the wee ones, stay on trend. Fortnite is huge at the moment and there is plenty of branded merch to go with it. For your typical teen girl? You can’t go far wrong with a makeup set. Unless they aren’t the sort to wear it. Then plump for a crafts set! I love a good stereotype.

For that grandma

Unlike an aunt who you can just buy smellies. That won’t work on a grandma. You know how whenever you go to visit granny-dearest she complains how she never gets to see you? This is what places like Truprint were made for. Get her a nice big framed picture of you and your siblings and she will be “made up”.

For that grandpop

If your grandfather is anything like mine. And for your sakes, I hope he isn’t! He will love his newspaper and his crossword puzzles. There are sorts of weird and wonderful puzzles you can buy now. If they have time on their hands they will love a challenge.

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