6 Hidden IOS 12 Features You Didn’t Know Existed


1. Multiple Faces To Your Face ID

If you want to allow someone else access to your phone via Face ID authentication, now you’ll be able to do it with the “set up an alternate appearance” feature in your newest iPhone update. This new feature is apparently also helpful if you notice your phone has trouble recognising you at times, like if you have your hair or make-up a certain way that tricks the technology, for example, as you can simply add an alternate photo of yourself for the feature to more accurately detect you.

2. Track Your Screen Time

Many of us go throughout our day unknowingly picking up our phone and checking it without even realising. When it becomes a habit, it suddenly feels like every time you have a free moment, you habitually check my phone and open your usual apps, even if you’re not expecting anything in particular to show up. Phone and social media addictions are very real, as are other unhealthy behaviours that centre around our technology dependency. Which brings us to the new Screen Time feature –  a feature which lives under the “settings” tab and helps you check and keep yourself updated when it comes to your phone usage and screen time. You can easily set time limits for particular apps, and when you’re about to reach your daily limit, you’ll receive a notification to make you aware. You can also check to see how much time you spend on your device in general, as well as how many times you pick up your phone or device.

3. Do Not Disturb

The “Do Not Disturb” setting on your iPhone is about to get a whole new wave of functional features you’ll never want to live without with iOS 12. With the new update, you can now set a simple hour-long timer for DND mode rather than having to pre-set recurring times or manually toggle it on and off  and you’ll even be able to sync your DND mode to turn off after a certain time or when you leave a specific location.

4. FaceTime

FaceTime has been one of the iPhone’s most popular features for years now and this new update will bring in a new Group FaceTime function that allows for up to 32 participants in a FaceTime chat at once. Crazy, right? So whether you’re getting ready for a night out with your girls via FaceTime, calling your family from across the globe, “streaming” your wedding to long-distance guests or just catching up with your best friends all over the country, the new calling feature is an option with iOS 12, and a very interesting and potentially useful one at that.

5. New Siri

Our favourite artificially intelligence assistant has now got some new (and overdue!) updates coming with iOS 12. Firstly, you’ll have more options when it comes to personalising Siri’s voice, as the update will offer a few additional accents, including an Irish accent and South African accent. Secondly, Siri’s (allegedly) going to be a lot “smarter” and able to answer way more of your questions and just generally run a lot smoother. Thirdly, you’ll now also be able to set shortcuts with multiple steps via third party apps using Siri commands. For example, you’ll now be able to create a shortcut to do something like turn on the thermostat at home using a third party app. Aside from this, you’ll also be able to text your roommate or family member that you’re on the way home with Messages, and open up the Maps app with directions all with a simple “I’m going home” Siri command.

6. Password Drop

This new iOS feature makes it super-easy to pass your passwords along from your iPhone to your iPad or Macbook via AirDrop, so no more having to constantly reset your password each time you accidentally log out of your Netflix account or rummaging around papers to figure out where you wrote down your details.

The new feature will also be particularly helpful for those individuals who share account passwords to streaming sites (like Netflix, for example) with friends.


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