Here Is The Proof British People Will Put Literally Anything In A Sandwich

I’m sure you have seen the meme circulating Facebook that states boldly “British people will put anything in a sarnie”. I think there is an element of truth to this. With that in mind here are some of the most British Sandwiches you can consume.

Pot Noodle Sandwich

To be wholly honest I think that a Super Noodle sandwich is better. Less liquid makes it far more suitable and less messy. I am guessing in a lot of ways this is the British answer to a “sloppy joe”. Although I’m British and quite like a “joe”. See we will literally whack anything between two slices of bread.

Crisp sarnie

What flavour best suits a crisp sarnie is a debate for the ages. Let’s be honest though – it’s Cheese and Onion. We all know it so what is the use pretending otherwise? Eating this very British delicacy always involves the conundrum of how many crisps to put in the sandwich and how many to use as a little “side dish”. Over time crisp makers have been making this decision easier by gradually reducing the number of crisps they put in packets. Cheers Walkers!

Chip Butty

French Fries to our American brothers and sisters. These and sandwiches go together like peas and carrots! Of course, there are some rules that have to be followed. You have to cover them with salt and vinegar first and of course. You also have to squeeze half a bottle of ketchup in there too. We are not animals. We have standards.

Sausage Sarnie

There is considerable debate over whether warm or cold sausages make the best sandwich. There is less debate over the sauce of choice for this delicacy. It has to be brown sauce, doesn’t it? Anything else would be weird. Just weird.

Bacon and egg butty

If brown sauce is made for sausage then ketchup is made for bacon and egg. The combination of rich ketchup and yummy thick egg yolk mixed with bacon that is crispy on the outside but thick and juicy in the middle may well be the most mouthwatering foodstuff on the planet. In fact, I think I may go and have one now!

Fish Finger sarnie

Now if you are posh you will have this with mayo. If you are common you will have it with salad cream. Ketchup? What are you an animal? If you want to live like the bourgeoisie simply add some lettuce leaves and see how the other half live.

Turkey, Stuffing and cranberry sauce

This bad boy seems more prominent around this time of year. To be quite honest any leftover roast meat stuffed between two slices of bread is good, but throw in some stuffing and posh jam and you have the definitive Chrimbo sarnie. If you want to pimp it slam in a bit of Brie.

Egg and salad cream

Again you can make egg mayonnaise. But for that proper “I was raised in a council house” (and I was!) you need salad cream! These are a staple of the buffet and if you are at a party that doesn’t serve them you are legally obliged to punch the caterer.

Cheese and ketchup

Grated cheese is best. These work superbly at the beach when the cheese goes all “melty” giving you a gloopy, warm, cheesy, tomatoey sarnie that is beyond compare.

Steak Sandwich

When done correctly this is a thing of beauty. The ruiner of school dinners, Jamie Oliver (Sorry Jamie, just kidding.) Has a fab recipe for this in his 30-minute meals book. It includes yummy red peppers and it is dead posh!

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