Is There Life Elsewhere In This Crazy Universe?

There are as many stars in the observable universe as there are grains of sand on the earth. There’s a lot of sand on Earth. There are a massive amount of stars, an almost infinite number. Now imagine if you will that each of those stars has a similar amount of celestial bodies orbiting them as our own sun. that is an awful lot of real estate out there. It would be naïve to suggest that there isn’t the potential for life anywhere else in the cosmos.

Water for life

Let’s assume for just a second that any potential life in our universe is like life on Earth. Therefore all life will be carbon based and need water. There’s a lot of water out there! The traces of water found on Mars are just the tip of the melted iceberg. The moons of our solar system have many untold secrets. The likes of Enceladus, Europa etc. have all but confirmed as containing water. Many moons contain ice oceans that may play host to hydrothermal jets (more on those shortly) as it turns out there is quite a bit of water in our solar system, albeit mostly in solid forms. Not to mention the oceans of liquid methane on Titan.


An extremophile is an organism that exists in extreme conditions. There is life on Earth in places where there really shouldn’t be. In the freezing cold ocean floor, in lakes massively high in sulphur. (Toxic to most organisms), pretty much anywhere on this planet of ours, you get life forms. These extremophiles tend to be very simplistic but they are still living. If they can exist here, why not elsewhere? One recent theory has it that the gas clouds surrounding Venus could play host to such life forms. Venus has a thick, sulphur rich, toxic atmosphere., (the surface is hot enough to melt lead and exceeds 400 degrees) But the clouds offer comparatively Earth-like conditions both in terms of temperature and pressure. Okay, don’t get too excited as the clouds are made from droplets of sulphuric acid. However, there are extremophiles here on earth that live in caves called snottites. these little beauties actually metabolise acid as strong as that found in a car battery!

Hydrothermal Vents

In the deepest parts of the ocean, it’s safe to say it’s a wee bit chilly. The pressures at the deepest points are tremendous. In most places, life just doesn’t exist. However, even here life finds a way. In some areas of our oceans are vents that eject warm water into these cold sections of ocean. Amazingly life flourishes around these vents. And scientists have found evidence that such vents exist on some of the moons in our solar system.

The Bible

Let’s take a look at what one would assume would be an opposing view… The Bible. (And its derivatives) There is lots of subtle evidence in the bible to suggest that we are not alone! “my works are without end” meaning that there is more than one world God made. Then there is the classic “I have sheep that are not of this fold” could God be talking about having made Aliens? Finally on the subject of the bible. If you believe in alien abductions (and I don’t or won’t, at least not until they start abducting people that aren’t what you might classify as a Redkneck..) then is it possible that the biblical story of Elijah being taken away on a glowing chariot, is, in fact, an early example of alien abduction. In ancient times they wouldn’t have had the term flying saucer and perhaps likened it to a chariot.

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