Fifteen Food Facts That Just Aren’t True

You have all heard of the five-second rule, right? If something lands on the floor you have five seconds to retrieve it and its fine. It’s an urban myth. There are loads of them about food and we are here to debunk them for you!

Raw food is better than cooked

This may upset a few “new agers”. And it is true that some of the cooking processes does remove certain positive enzymes and can even reduce the vitamin content of certain foods. But it can also get rid of some bad stuff from your food too!

You can’t reheat rice

Okay, so it is true that rice can carry a nasty spore called Bacillus cereus. But it only really becomes an issue if the rice isn’t stored in the fridge and isn’t heated through properly.

Chewing gum takes seven years to pass through a human body

It passes through your body at the same rate as everything else. Although I wouldn’t recommend swallowing it as it could still choke you. That’s not an urban legend!

Microwaving food destroys its nutritional content

A Microwave does use radiation to cook food. It isn’t one of the dangerous types of radiation though. In fact, because it cooks so quickly it can help certain foods hold their nutrients.

Hair of the dog

The theory goes that an alcoholic beverage, usually a Bloody Mary, the day after a heavy drinking session is supposed to cure your hangover. This has no scientific basis. Plenty of water is a far more sensible approach!


Washing chicken removes bacteria

Actually, this isn’t a good idea. All this potentially does is spread the germs that might be on the chicken to your hands, clothes and the sink. Those bacteria are all killed by the roasting process so just show some chill and leave that chicken be!

You can’t refreeze frozen food

yeah, you can! So this should save a fair bit of food waste. Although when it comes to meat and fish. If it is thawed out it is better to cook it before re-freezing.

You shouldn’t eat too many eggs

In 2007 the British Heart Foundation suggested you should have no more than three a day. That has since been negated and actually, eggs have lots of health benefits.

Detoxes are good for you

It turns out that juicing excludes essential fibre from your diet and therefore isn’t actually that great for you. And it gives you the runs!

Brown eggs are better than white

Brown eggs are cosmetically different. That is all.

Saturated fat is bad for you

The saturated fats, such as those found in butter and the like are not bad for you. These have been demonised! Conventional wisdom suggests that a low-fat diet is a way to a healthy lifestyle. But saturated fats can be good for you. And there has actually never been a link between saturated fats and heart disease!

Feed a cold, starve a fever

When you are ill you may not feel much like eating and drinking but you absolutely should. It won’t make you worse! In fact, keeping hydrated is especially important if you have a fever!

Frozen food isn’t as nutritious as fresh

In fact often frozen veg can be healthier than its “fresh” counterparts. As often the vegetables are frozen almost straight away having been picked meaning they are effectively fresher than fresh vegetables!

Natural sugar is better than refined sugar

People may tell you that there are big advantages to eating natural sugars. This just isn’t true. The benefits are really minimal.

Gluten-free food is automatically healthy

Gluten-free is a bit of a fad. It’s not really any healthier for you. In fact sometimes if something is gluten-free additives need to be added to make it more like Wheat-based products making these alternatives less healthy!

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