These Fascinating Facts Will Make You The Envy Of Your Friend(s)

In any group of friends, there is always that one dude who can baffle and impress us all with his/her life hacks, or random facts of the day. Want to be THAT guy? We have you covered.

Pen lids

You know when you get a pen they have a hole in the lid? That’s way more important than you realise! You know how some people are always chewing pen lids? The holes exist so if you swallow one you can still breathe. Facts save lives!

Coffee covers

When you go and get a posh coffee they pop one of those little cardboard jackets around it. You know the ones, right? Do you know what they are called? Well, the truth is they go by many names: coffee clutch, coffee cosy, Java Jacket, and paper zarf.

Film trailers

Ever wondered why trailers are called trailers when they are at the start of the movie? Well, that wasn’t always the case. Trailers used to come at the end! (trailing the movie)

Mini Pockets

Ever been curious what that little pocket on your jeans is all about? Apparently, cowboys used to use it to keep their pocket watches safe. Good to know. Surely they should make it a mobile phone sized for the modern world?

Barbie girl

The toy Barbie has a full name! You didn’t think that was her full name, did you? Her given name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Oh if you’re curious her birthday is March 9, 1959. She looks good for a 60-year-old. It’s the plastic surgery.


Cheque, please

You know when you fill in a cheque there is a signature line? Take a closer look and you will see it’s actually the phrase “authorised signature” in very tiny letters. I bet you won’t be able to un-see that now.


You know when you splat toothpaste on the end of your brush. That pea-sized amount has an official name. It’s called a nurdle.

On a roll

Ever wondered how many trees are cut down each year just to make toilet roll. Apparently, it’s a whopping 127,000 trees per year.

Tie it up

Don’t worry about it if you struggle to do up a tie. We can’t all be Barney Stinson after all. However, not to make you feel bad, but according to scientists in Sweden, there are 177,147 ways to tie one.

Big brother is watching

The reason the webcam was invented wasn’t so people could chat with their mates, which is what I would have assumed. Instead, it was invented at Cambridge University so people could check on coffee levels from the comfort of their desks. British ingenuity and laziness at its finest.

Bottle tops

You know those little rubber things that you find inside the lids of coke bottles. They aren’t just decorative they serve a really useful purpose. Without them, your drink would get flat much quicker as they create a tight seal preventing the escape of both Carbon and any liquid.

Bad medicine

It’s amazing what people used to believe was medicine. The aforementioned Coca-Cola was sold as a tonic when it was first invented (and contained cocaine!) but even chocolate was sold medicinally and as recently as the 18th century. Irish botanist, Sir Hans Sloane claimed that chocolate was good for your soul.

King of moustaches

Even playing cards can hold some secrets. Take a look at the picture of the kings on this typical deck of Rouennais pattern playing cards. Notice how all the kings have a glorious moustache apart from the king of hearts? I bet you won’t be able to un-see that either!

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