Here Are Some Awesome Science Experiments You Can Do From Home

Everybody knows that science is awesome! I mean, experiments, explosions, discoveries, the stars, finding out how things work! Really is there anything cooler? Probably not.

The problem is when you leave school unless you are a scientist, science almost becomes the realm of your kiddies. So just so you can share in the magic here are some suggestions for experiments you can do safely from the comfort of your own home! Enjoy!

Make Objects appear to disappear

This neat “trick” takes advantage of refraction. This is where light changes direction and speed as it passes between objects. So you take two objects with similar reflective properties and the light travels through them at the same speed, appearing to make one of the items invisible. You can do this using vegetable oil and pyrex glass.

Freeze Water Instantly

You too can come across like everybody’s favourite Batman villain, Mr Freeze! Take purified water and cool to just below freezing point. Whilst still in its liquid form all it will take is a little nudge or to drop an ice cube into it and it will freeze as if by magic. “Cool” eh?

Create some Oobleck And watch as It appears To dance to The Music

If you’re not familiar with Oobleck it is a fluid named after something from a Dr Seuss book. It is both a liquid and a solid. A Quick google search will help you make it. When placed to a sound source the vibrations appear to make it dance to the music!

Create Your Own Hybrid Rocket Engine

All this takes is a combination of solid fuel and a liquid oxidizer. These type of rocket engines propel themselves. You can actually make your own rocket engine using pasta, mouthwash and yeast, but it probably won’t make orbit. After all, it is rocket science! Check out this site for more details check out YouTube.

Create “Magic Mud”

Another substance that doesn’t know if it solid or liquid (A Newtonian fluid) this one derives from a spud! It’s simply the starch naturally found in potatoes.

Create A Gallium Masterpiece

Gallium is awesome stuff! It has a really low melting point meaning with just warm water you have a really cool malleable material to play with. It’s sorta like soldering but less dangerous.

Make Elephant’s Toothpaste

I know what you’re thinking. What the hell is Elephants toothpaste? Well, it is a really cool foamy substance. It is created by the breaking down of hydrogen peroxide and kind of looks like giant toothpaste! Awesome!

“Magically” Turn Water Into Wine

Perhaps this is how the biblical parable arose? This cool little trick takes advantage of the fact that water has a higher density then wine. It gives them the ability to switch places and amaze your friends. If you have any because us science geeks can somewhat lack in that area!

Release The Energy In sweets (Without Eating them)

When you pop a Gummy Bear into a test tube with potassium chlorate it releases the chemical energy inside in an intense chemical reaction. That chemical reaction is exactly what’s happening inside your body when you eat sweeties.

Make Water “Mysteriously” Disappear

Sodium polyacrylate is a super-absorbent polymer. It is capable of absorbing up to 300 times its own weight in water. It’s commonly found in disposable nappies. You can use it to make water disappear in seconds.

Create A Rainbow In A Jar

Different liquids have different masses and different densities. Oil is an example, it is less dense than water and will float on top of its surface. By combining liquids of different densities and adding food colouring, you can make an entire rainbow in a jar.

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