This Is Why You Shouldn’t Facebook Stalk Your Tinder Date

Make no mistake about it Tinder is a meat market. It encourages people to judge on aesthetic and frankly has helped make dating less exciting.

Why You Shouldn’t Google Someone Before A Date

Here’s the thing when you have organised a Tinder date you’ve agreed to go out with someone based solely on the fact that you think they look hot and they think you look hot. It’s a bit shallow, but at least you know that (as long as you haven’t bagged a catfish) the other person is going to be physically attractive.

Why do we research?

It’s no good going on a date with a guy who looks like Chris Evans, or a girl who looks like Megan Fox only to discover they have the personality of Charles Manson.

Of course, people research but there are some inherent flaws with relying on social media to give us an impression of what our date is going to be like. Below are some of the reasons why we are advocating not researching your tinder dates!

People Lie On Social Media

People are creative with the truth on social media. They embellish and sometimes just outright lie to make themselves seem a bit cooler. So why get an artificial picture of someone from their social media? You can’t judge chemistry that way. You are setting yourself up to be disappointed.

There might be stuff on there that puts you off

You pop onto their social media and see them with their arm around someone of the opposite sex and it’s a recent picture! The cad, they are in a relationship, right? Wrong…You blew it before you started, that was their sister/brother.

Okay, perhaps you might be concerned that they post too many memes, or that they are a bit of a selfie king. But are those two things really what you should be judging a person on?

If you fail to get to know a person because of an annoying meme you could miss a golden opportunity. Nobody is “on it” all the time. ,

You may build up a picture of somebody and it isn’t who they really are.

Here’s the thing that cute guy/girl you have been chatting with may seem like just your type. After all, on their social media, they have pictures of them skiing and rollerblading.

But you don’t really know them. You only know the image they have tried to create of themselves and you only know it from your skewed perspective.

Unfortunately, the only way to get to know them properly is to meet with them and why do that with preconceived notions? Why ruin something that could be really nice because it’s not quite as awesome as you had built it up to be in your own head?

You start comparing yourself to their ex-partner

This is the killer. Say they aren’t long out of a relationship and have yet to change their status. So you see that you freak out for a second and then rationalise it, right?

Yeah, that might happen, but more likely you are going to have a look at their ex. Troll through the pictures of them together and question whether you will ever make them as happy as their ex did!

finding, someone attractive isn’t enough to base a relationship on. The only way to find out if there is more to it is to bite the bullet. Don’t ruin what little mystery we have in the modern world.

BUT…meeting up with strangers isn’t without its risks, so do make sure you are cautious. Meeting at the location of your date rather than having them pick you up is a good start!

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