Want To Keep Your Homestead Bug Free? Here’s How

Nobody wants bugs in their house. Here are our top tips to avoid the pesky critters calling your home their own.

Standing water

Standing water is not something you want to keep around if you want rid of bugs. Any water that is left undisturbed for a week or more can become a hot spot for mosquitos.

Clogged gutter

Try and get rid of any leaf litter from your guttering. Once again water pools that gather in gutters can also lead to mosquitos.

Rubbish areas

Try to keep the smells out of your bins to avoid pests. Keeping bins clean, dry and smell free will hopefully deter small and large critters alike.

wood piles and bushes

Any sort of plant or wood against the side of your house is basically is like giving the bugs a bridge to get in! Maybe stack it against your shed? Experts recommend if you have to stack it by the house to try and leave a 6-inch gap.

Dirty grills

We all love having a BBQ when the weather is good but they can attract insects long after you are done having fun. Bugs will be drawn to grills that are left dirty outside. Another no-no is pouring away remnants of fizzy drinks on your lawn. This sugary liquid will just encourage ants.

Birdseed and kibble

Unfortunately, pet food doesn’t just feed pets. To be fair dog bowls shouldn’t be kept full at all times anyway (portion control, people!) but leave out a full dog bowl and you will end up with insects around it, and possibly squirrels! Birdseed is another problem area. You want to be careful to clear it up, be it outside the house or inside!

Outdoor lighting

Those little lights that hang around outside your house to zap bugs might seem like a good idea in principle. I mean sure any nearby mosquitos are going to wind up dead but they can be a hindrance. They do attract bugs and they don’t always zap them meaning they can make the problem worse.

Missing door sweeps

Sure if an ant really badly wants to get in they probably will find a way, but why make it easy? One of the most common ways they get into your house is when door sweeps break down, this happens over time and if it does they are well worth replacing to keep out those pesky, but dedicated ants.


Now obviously you can’t very well seal up every crevice in your home this is especially true of older houses but using a bit of decorator’s caulk around gaps near external doors can help to keep ants at bay. Steel wool is also really good for covering gaps up in your Masonry.

Overripe fruit

Myself, I like a banana when it’s still ever so slightly green. But if you’re the type of person who likes them when they are virtually mush you may have an issue. When fruit gets to that stage it gives off a gas called ethylene. This stuff is a real bug magnet and fruit flies are almost impossible to keep out.

Cardboard boxes

The sad truth is that termites love the glue that holds boxes together and will come in to feed on it. Silverfish love paper stuff too and are impossible to keep out as they are so small. Go for hard plastic boxes over cardboard ones every time.


High Humidity

It’s not just puddles of water that encourage bugs and beasties. Water in the air can be just as detrimental. Of course, a dehumidifier can help but sometimes it’s better to try and find what’s causing your moisture issues, often a leaky pipe. It’s worth doing or you could end up with a Silverfish infestation.

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