The Best Movie Franchises Of All Time

There are some great stand-alone movies in this little world of ours. But sometimes a story is so epic it can’t be told in just 90 minutes. Sometimes a galaxy is just too exciting to be contained in one movie and sometimes filmmakers just want to milk something popular. Whatever the reason we have been fortunate to have some epic movie series. Here are some of the greatest.

Star Wars

Undeniably one of, if not the, biggest movie franchises of all-time. The original trilogy is considered by most 30-somethings to be a work of pure genius. The prequel trilogy to be garbage and the post-Disney era films are a mixed bag. However, we all love being transported to a galaxy far, far away.

Harry Potter

Not just a magnificent series of books, but a stunning set of movies. The potter film machine is still running despite Harry’s story concluding. Thanks largely to the excellent spin-off series, “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” This chronicles the exploits of Newt Scamander. Some people have even said “fantastic beasts” is better.


One of those rare films where the sequel was superior to the original and then the third one was just ridiculously cool. Oh yeah, we all loved Rocky 4 too! This series just seemed to go from strength to strength and then lost its way. It’s been rebooted of a fashion with the Creed series. This tells the story of Rocky coaching Apollo Creed’s son.

Marvel cinematic universe

What has happened with Marvel movies has been a revelation. The Marvel Versus DC debate may rage on for an eternity but Marvel has dominated at the box office. Their strategy of building towards “Avengers” movies through individual character films has been a winning formula.


The Nolan trilogy made Batman great again. Gone was the camp Batman with tacky villains. Here was a poor, tortured Batman with villains you genuinely thought could unhinge him. Undeniably this series peaked with “The Dark Knight” which saw Heath Ledger give a tour-de-force performance as the Joker.


The best gangsta films of all time. The third was a little disappointing but the first two were classics. How can you argue against the likes of Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro? Forget about it.

Nightmare on Elm Street

There are several horror movies franchise that might have appeared on this list. All of them legendary, but we have chosen Nightmare on Elm Street due to the iconic Freddy Kreuger. This man has possibly given more kids nightmares than any other character. And those skipping girls? Is there any need?

Lord of the rings

Another trilogy that spilt into a spin-off series. Not unlike Harry Potter, this is based on a book series, specifically the classic works of JR Tolkien. The movies bring his epic fantasy world to life. They boast an all-star cast and are as brilliant as they are lengthy!

James Bond

Britain’s most famous secret agent. Good old 007 has been played by a host of actors. Everybody has their own favourite. From the girls to the gadgets, Bond movies have stood the test of time.

The Cornetto trilogy

From the moment that Ed in Shaun of the Dead responded to the question “you want anything from the shop?” with the word “Cornetto” magic happened. This trilogy of British comedies are all directed by Edgar Wright and all star former Spaced actors, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Will they survive without Johnny Depp? It remains to be seen. But the long-running franchise is still wildly popular. Has anyone even bothered trying to make a pirate film since this launched? I don’t’ believe so. Disney got just the right balance of comedy and action in their hugely entertaining movies.

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