Is This Evidence Of A Parallel Universe?

If you have an interest in science (and if you don’t why did you click on this article?) you may well be familiar with the idea that there is more than one universe. It sounds crazy but the idea has been around for decades in science fiction but also has existed theoretically in the realm of science too.

The theory goes that there are parallel universes in other dimensions. Scientists postulate that if the theory is correct there will be a minimum of 11 dimensions but in actuality, there could be an infinite number of them and each of them will contain a universe.

The possibilities

Its pretty mind-blowing to think that there could be another version of me out there! He’s probably still sat in front of a pc stuffing his face with crisps though. Although excitingly he could be the President of Burkina Faso or a girl, the possibilities are endless. Who knows?

Of course, thinking about complex, theoretical science like this can cause you to have serious brain ache. The scope is so wide that it’s difficult for us to even comprehend.


In science this concept is referred to as the “multiverse theory” and although scientists have theorised its existence there seems to be the first piece of evidence that may suggest that it’s a thing. Although it’s more of a hint then a damning piece of proof.

So what is this smoking gun? Well, recent studies of the universe have found a cold spot. I know space is pretty cold anyway, but this area is seriously chilly! (actually, it’s only 0.00015 degrees Celsius cooler than the surrounding area, I’m just a sucker for hyperbole).

It hasn’t always been there, scientists think it originated around 13 billion years ago. It was first spotted by one of Nasa’s satellites in 2004 and has more recently been confirmed by ESA’s Planck mission in 2013.


So what does this mean? Well at first it didn’t appear to mean very much. Scientists generally seemed to believe that the anomaly was caused by an area of space that was less densely populated. Fewer stars equal less heat. Seems pretty plausible to me.

However pesky scientists are never happy with their first answer, are they? Always trying to prove stuff wrong! Well, that’s exactly what they did. They have discovered that what they have dubbed as a “massive supervoid” actually couldn’t exist. Well, that puts a bit of a spanner in the works, doesn’t it?

So what is it that is causing the cold spot? Well, some scientists have theorised that the hard to explain anomaly could be evidence of the aforementioned multiverse.

Too excited

Professor Tom Shanks, an astronomer at Durham University was level-headed pointing out that they can’t entirely rule out that the spot itself was simply caused by fluctuations. Although these are unlikely he further explained that it fits within the standard model. He then continued to say that there are potentially more exciting explanations. One such theory is that the cold spot is caused by a collision between our universe and a bubble universe.

There a lot, of ifs and buts. But it may provide some real, tangible evidence that a multiverse exists. Of course, this is all very hypothetical right now. It’s important to consider Occam’s razor. The simplest answer is usually the right one!

Still whilst studies continue its still great fun to theorise on the idea of parallel dimensions and infinite versions of all of us. My prevailing thought is whether any other versions of me have wound up with any other versions of my girl! Can love permeate across multiple dimensions?

Probably a question for stoners rather than a question for the ages!

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