Here Are Some Of The Best Goal Tracking Apps To Help With Those Resolutions

It is that time of year where most of us have one of two particular Facebook statuses. Either it will read “New year, new me” or a lengthy summary of 2018 that effectively suggests that you will be making improvements in the upcoming year. Or a simple “I’m going to be the same as last year” kind of post.

If you fall squarely in the former category you may have some wonderful ideas about how you are going to transform your lives and be the best versions of yourself. Fortunately, there is an app for that. Several actually. Here are some of the best goal tracking apps for your mobile phones. Hopefully, by the time I finish writing this article, I would have chosen one for myself. After all, new year, new me!


Strides is a great app for setting up and tracking goals It is simplistic and straightforward. It has 12 basic trackers you can use to track everything from reading to exercise and these will probably cover most of the bases. However, you can enter a custom goal too, which is a nice addition. You can track 7 things for free but if you want more than that you will have to pay out a small monthly fee.


Productive is quite restrictive for newbies. You can enjoy a weeks trial but after that, it will automatically start a subscription (which at the moment is half price!) Without the trial it is difficult to see just how good this app is. Which is a shame because from what little I have seen it looks slick.


This app is a little harder to navigate than some of its cousins but is a decent option. As well as tracking goals this app acts like a life coach. The app begins with you rating your satisfaction with different aspects of your life. You can then choose one of these to focus on. As well as setting yourself daily goals, which are tracked and have an easy to follow system. Remente also includes “courses” some of these are free and some are premium and are designed to help improve your life. From what I have seen there are no limits on goal setting with the free version but it does limit the stats you can see.

Google calendar

Google’s calendar app is actually pretty decent in its own right. But they implemented a section called goals. It’s pretty smart. You enter goals like exercising, reading etc. And it plans them sensibly into your diary for you. If you have a business meeting it isn’t going to schedule that gym session for you. Clever eh? It lacks the cool stat tracking of the other apps but if you need a calendar to organise your life as well this may be a good solution


This app is very sleek and modern looking. Goals are easy to set up and stat tracking is great. The usability factor on this is high. It is probably the easiest to use. Unfortunately, you only get to track 3 goals for free but unlike some of the other apps, this one does not have a monthly subscription but a one-off payment.



This app takes a slightly different approach. If you are an RPG nerd you will love this. Basically, you set yourself goals and achieving them helps you to level up your character. You can also spend points on treats for yourself like “time on x-box” etc. If that doesn’t motivate you then what will? The app is a bit clunky but it is a novel take and well worth a look. Rewarding your efforts is always a good way to maintain positive habits.

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