Proof That Leonardo DiCaprio Could Have Had 10 Oscars Already

Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar in2016 for his stand out performance in “The Revenant” but let’s be honest he could have had a host more awards. He had been nominated six times before finally achieving some success.

As well as his nominations there are plenty of iconic roles that deserved Oscars. Let’s check out Leo’s most iconic performances.

Wolf of wall street

What an insane flick. Based loosely on the collapse of Wall Street. The Wolf Of Wall Street is a high-octane, rollercoaster of a movie. Leo’s character is a (mostly) likeable ass. He does drugs, treats women like they are objects and generally just galavants around like he is gods gift. Yet somehow makes the character appear sympathetic. Now that’s talent.

Blood Diamond

This is the movie where DiCaprio really started to show his acting chops. No longer was he playing the fresh-faced love interest. Or the young victim. Here he was able to play a far more gritty role and he excelled in it. This is arguably the movie where he stopped being a teen heartthrob and became a world-class actor.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Leo turned in a stellar performance as a mentally challenged teen. Starring alongside Johnny Depp at his best the film was critically lauded and rightfully so. Di Caprio took praise in particular for his physical acting, his tics add an authenticity to the character and also make for slightly squeamish watching.


If you didn’t cry at the end of Titanic are you even a human being? This movie helped Leonardo DiCaprio elevate into the stratosphere. His cutesy romance with the gorgeous Kate Winslett stole the show against the backdrop of incredible CGI which helped to bring the sinking of the Titanic to life. Although we are all still thinking that they blatantly both could have fit on that “raft” at the end.

The Aviator

Another terrific turn by DiCaprio who was rightfully praised for his portrayal of Howard Hughes. Critics stated that Leo was able to beautifully convey the protagonists decent from brilliant billionaire to an isolated madman. Once again showing another string to his considerable bow.

The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhman once again proved that when he works with Di Caprio magic happens. The classic American novel is brought to life in spectacular fashion. Leo’s performance as Jay Gatsby is iconic and spouted a whole bunch of cool internet memes too.

Gangs of New York

Another epically proportioned movie. This one directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese. Critics have claimed this wasn’t Scorsese’s best work. However, the period drama faired well at the box office. Leo was surrounded by terrific actors but still managed to shine.

Django Unchained

This is a Tarintino classic. It is coarse, hard-hitting and gritty. The film centres around the slave trade. Leo plays a plantation owner. His performance is exquisite as a hateful, wealthy racist. Alongside terrific performances from seasoned actors like Jamie Foxx and Samuel L Jackson, DiCaprio is still able to stand out. For such a likeable guy, he does vile extremely well.


Romeo and Juliet

Okay, so this was slap bang in the middle of his “teen heartthrob” phase. With his floppy locks and piercing eyes, he had girls everywhere swooning. However, that shouldn’t detract from what was a terrific movie. Staying true to the original text Luhman directed a fantastic interpretation of Shakespeare’s tragic love story.


A dream within a dream, within a dream. You have to put your phone down when you watch this one. The movie is notable, not for Leo’s performance, which is obviously solid, but just for being a great movie. It is thought provoking and leaves you asking questions at the end.

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