Not Doing Dry January? These Drinks Show Commitment To The Sesh

There are a lot of people doing dry January. Don’t get me wrong it’s a neat idea, let’s be honest most of us can’t afford to drink after Christmas and New Year anyway! But for those of you who are dedicated to “the sesh” here are the drinks that show you mean business.

Jager Bombs

Not only is Jager pretty good at getting you nice and drunk it’s also got quite a cool gimmick. I mean, okay, it’s not quite in the same league as say, for instance, a Flaming Sambucca. But it is cool none the less. Have you seen those clips where the bar person lines up 100 shots and dunks them all in one go? It’s a pretty impressive feat. Anyway, the bottom line is, Jager is cheap, nasty and gets you battered. It’s a sesh drink.


Tequila Shots

There is something magical about the combination of salt, lemon and Tequila. Forget the upmarket stuff with the worm in. If you truly want to embrace your inner Phil Mitchell get the rough stuff and follow it down with your bite of citrus. Once again this drink is strong and has the gimmick factor making it a staple offering for those getting well and truly smashed.


A pint of lager can go either way. It could be just a quiet pint after a long day at work. It could be a refreshing summer afternoon drink to quench your thirst. Stella is no ordinary lager. It didn’t get the nickname “wifebeater” for no reason. (Yes, we hate the term as well.) Being a premium lager Stella has the magic ability to get you slurring in a hurry.

Pitchers with a straw

Yes, we all love a cheapie ‘spoons cocktail. But when they ask the question “How many glasses do you want with that?” And you answer, “none, I’ll just take a straw”…That’s when you are officially classed as being “on it”.

JD and coke

This may strike you as an odd selection but believe me. It is the bloated ale drinkers follow-up of choice. You know when you have been on the pints all day and you need to feel less bloated? JD and Coke is your poison. This is the mark of a sophisticated drinker making sure they last through the night and still have room for a dirty kebab.

The Strawpedo

Since the advent of alcopops, we have had the strawpedo. This drinking staple involves taking a bottled alcopop. Inserting a bendy straw into it and holding the drinking end of said straw against the neck of the bottle. Pressing the top of the bottle to your lips. And downing. The straw acts almost like a snorkel allowing you to drink far faster. Any alcopop will do but if you can find somewhere that does Reef…there is only one choice.

Any sort of white cider

These are less common then they used to be and are more likely to be consumed during pre-drinks. Usually in two-litre bottles, but occasionally cans from the local off-license. If it is a white cider, chances are it’s never seen an apple. These will get you steaming in a hurry. Not a drink for rookies.

Special Brew

If your other half kicks you out and you have to sleep rough, this is the beverage for you. A four pack will be enough. What is a special Brew? Well, it’s a particularly strong lager. But you wouldn’t call it premium! Do not abuse this drink you will end up in trouble.

Anything in a hip flask

If you bring a hip flask with you, you probably mean business. Unless you fill it with cold tea just to amaze and fool your friends! Do people do that? Not in the sesh life!

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