These Mobile Games Are Perfect For Your Trip To The Loo

Most people take their mobile devices with them everywhere. In the modern world taking your phone to the bathroom is less an indicator of infidelity and more a hint you are having a number two. The only issue is, hygiene aside, that some games take too long. If you like to play mobile games you will no doubt have experienced aching legs from gaming too long on the pot. These games are perfect for a toilet trip.

Candy Crush

The game is a cult classic. You probably have to look as far back as Snake on the old Nokia 3310 to find a more iconic mobile game. Candy Crush may not be the game that kicked off the ‘match 3 games’ genre, but it’s arguably the game that perfected it. Great graphics, cool bonuses, and lots and lots of levels. Handily they take about the same amount of time to complete as a number two does.


Dragon Hills

This one finger classic is crazy fun. It offers that “beat my high score factor” that all the best games do. The premise is simple: touch the screen and your dragon dives, release your finger and its momentum leads to it leaping into the air. At the end of every run, you earn points which you can use to upgrade your dragon. Who doesn’t love upgrades?

Doodle Jump

As soon as they started putting gyroscopic technology in phones, games started using it. Doodle jump’s use was revolutionary at the time and spawned countless clones. There is something ever so charming about the original with its unique artwork.

Shopping Cart Hero

Haven’t you always wanted to jump in a shopping cart heading down a steep ramp? No? Well, it’s probably way more fun getting a stick person to do it anyway. Once they are launched into the air they can perform tricks to up your score. Upgrade your cart and character to get more hang time and unlock new levels. It’s addictive!

Best Fiends

Another classic puzzle game. In a similar vein to Candy Crush but with cool little bugs. Graphically it’s nice and colourful and it’s highly addictive. Great for a quick blast when you are on the John.

Bloons TD

This is in its sixth incarnation now and there are versions that are free, but it’s worth paying out a few quid for the most recent one. This is a classic Tower defence game. You place your monkeys to pop and stop balloons zooming around a track. As you progress the balloons get tougher but so do your monkeys.

Minion Rush

There are a wealth of quality auto-runners for IOS and Android, but this one is a standout. Like with all such games the controls are simple, but the graphics in this one are pretty swanky. The game captures the loveable minions fantastically and it’s free to boot!

Where’s my water

This one is very much kiddy friendly. Although if your kids are taking their phone to the loo you probably want to have a word. The concept is simple. Simply remove dirt so that water can get to a crocodile who is having a shower. Like all good puzzlers, the challenge rises with every new level.

Angry Birds

Another iconic mobile game. For those who have never played it you pull on a catapult to fling a selection of birds to try and bump into a bunch of pigs that are surrounded by buildings. If it sounds mental, it is.

Coin Dozer

If you have ever played the two penny machines in the arcades then this title will be familiar to you. The single press mechanics mean it is a simple game to play. There is no real challenge involved, but collecting the prizes is oddly addictive.

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