Should There Be Seperate Transgender Toilets?

It’s probably fair to say that society has come a long way with regards to accepting the LGBT community. That isn’t to say that things are perfect. They are far from it. You only have to take a look at suicide statistics among people who identify as gay or trans to see there are still issues.

One such issue, especially among transgender folk is toilets. I have been privy to lengthy facebook debates about where transgender people should do their business. Transgender people generally feel they should be able to go into whichever toilet is relevant to the gender that they identify with. Some people are very uncomfortable with this.

The bone of contention

The main argument for this is that ladies, at least the ones that find it uncomfortable, don’t want people who have a penis in their toilets. It makes them feel awkward. Interestingly most men don’t take issue with having a trans man in their toilets. The reason this is interesting is because in a ladies toilet it is all cubicles. Your intimate areas are never revealed. However, in the gents, you usually have a urinal The potential for “pecker checking” is infinitesimally higher.

The trans community would argue that they should be able to relieve themselves in a way that makes them comfortable. That’s a human right, surely? But what about when they’re doing that and it makes others uncomfortable? Surely non-trans folk have the right to feel secure too? However is their insecurity due to an unfair prejudice? In order to avoid stereotyping perhaps, it’s only fair to assume that for some this will be the case and for others, it won’t

In defence of peeing freely

Consider this for just a second. Should there be a separate toilet for homosexual men or should they be allowed to pee next to heterosexual men? Surely sexual orientation is irrelevant, isn’t it? We have moved past the era where it was believed that all gay men are sexual deviants and are disgusting. Gay men are just men that like other men, right? I think the reason that it’s okay for gay men to use the same loos as their straight counterparts is because nobody wants to watch another guy take a leak.





But fetishists…

Yes, okay there are probably people who watched two girls and one cup and got off on it. By the same token, there are people who get turned on by the thought of a car exhaust. These people are uncommon. The majority of people, straight, gay, trans, whatever, go to the toilet because they need to have a wee, or “drop the kids at the pool”. Why would we assume that anything else is going on? And just to point this out there are a lot of none-LGBTQ people in the world with some pretty bizarre fetishes.

In summary

Transgender people deserve to be able to go to the toilet and feel comfortable and so do none-trans people. I think separate toilets for transgender peeps is ludicrous. A lot of schools, workplaces etc. Are introducing unisex toilets and I think this is a real positive. If this became more widespread it would create a culture whereby people can just take care of their business. Ultimately that’s all people go to the toilets to do, isn’t it?

And the assumption that a transgender person would go to toilets with an agenda is no better than assuming that a Muslim is a terrorist or that a black person is going to have a large penis. They are unfair stereotypes and have no basis, nor any place in a modern, enlightened, intelligent society.

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