Is Brock Lesnar Bad For The WWE?

Every wrestling fan loves CM Punk. The guy was a great in-ring competitor (even tempered by the WWE’s restrictive policy on movesets he shone). He was magic on the mic and had a cult following. When he enjoyed his mammoth title reign it was “good for business”.

Brock Lesnar did not overtake Punk’s historic reign but he did come close. There is however a massive difference between the two. Just to clarify this article is not designed to bash Brock. The guy is a legitimate draw. His crossover appeal means that using him is smart and does create interest.

But is he any good?

Obviously, the WWE has booked people based solely on their celebrity status in the past. Especially at marquee events such as Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble. The WWE has had everybody from Mickey Rourke to Drew Carey getting involved in matches.

Brock isn’t just a celebrity. He started out as an amateur wrestler, where he had an impressive record. He then became a “pro wrestler” and with his intimidating physique, he dominated. Rightfully being used as the companies spearhead. He could mix it up too, combining raw power moves with amateur holds and submissions. He also tried adding high-flying moves to his arsenal. (Less said about that the better, eh Kurt).

History then tells us he grew tired with pro wrestling and left the company to pursue other avenues. He tried NFL but didn’t quite make it. Eventually, he settled on MMA where he became a UFC champion. So in short, yeah he is good. Yes, he does belong.


Should he be champion?

That’s a very different question. Brock has held the belt for a long, long time. Yes, they took the belt off him and put it on Roman but when Reigns had to leave due to illness the strap was put back on Brock. Triple H has reportedly said he never wants the WWE to have a franchise player again, you know the Hulk Hogan, Cena type of character that carries the company? At least that’s what he says but isn’t that what they are doing by using Brock in the way they have?

Lack of viable options

Perhaps they think that there aren’t any other options for the main strap? I mean who else is in Brock’s league? That mentality is bothersome. They need to start pushing people so it appears they are in his league. A healthy roster is one where you have 5 or 6 people who could legitimately hold the main strap. Then you have enough feuds to make for an interesting title picture.

Take Brock out of the picture and on RAW you potentially have a main event scene involving Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Roman when/if he returns, Dean Ambrose, Strowman, maybe Drew Macintyre if he is handled well. At the moment the main title picture is Reigns and Brock and that feud stopped being hot a long time ago.

So what should they do?

They need to take the strap off of Brock. The “Beast Incarnate” should have a space saved at ‘mania but for marquee, non-title bouts. The main title has been absent from the companies flagship show for far too long. At first, it upped its stock and in fairness it has raised the profile of the Intercontinental title but now it feels almost as if the belt has lost importance. Compare this to Smackdown where they have a really strong championship division with a lot of popular guys who can step up and make an impact. Raw can have that too, but with the way, it’s been booked who is going to take the belt from Brock? Strowman seems the only viable option and it needs to happen soon.

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