Here Are The Doctors Most Feared Enemies

Doctor Who is one of the most popular and enduring science fiction shows of all time. The show has survived more than 50 years and shows no signs of losing its popularity. As with any show that has lasted that long there have of course been peaks and troughs. But throughout its run, it has always had a strong cast of villains. Here are some of the Doctors most memorable counterparts.

The Master or Missy

The Master is one of the more interesting villains in the “whoverse”. Growing up The Master was The Doctors best friend. Although over the years the character has had several origin stories they have never stopped being an intriguing character. In the current generation of Dr Who, the character has been played by three actors and all three of the portrayals were fantastic. With John sims perhaps being the stand-out. Having said that Michelle Gomez did a remarkable job. Her quirky attitude was the perfect foil to the slightly more straight-laced Peter Capaldi.

The Daleks

You can’t call yourself a Doctor Who fan if you don’t get high-pitched and squealy when you hear the word “exterminate”. The Daleks are the Doctor’s most enduring and iconic enemy. They are the species which effectively wiped out the Doctor’s own kind. In the modern era, the Daleks are most commonly used near the end of the series giving them a deserved gravitas.

The Cybermen

Not unlike the Daleks the Cybermen tend to be reserved for two-part specials. And like their metallic cousins, the Cybermen are also one of the oldest enemies of the Doctor dating back to close to the show’s origins. In their modern form, they act like a social commentary on our over-reliance on technology. They have also appeared in many guises but always with the same objective. To make humans into Cybermen.

The Weeping Angels

Mainly used during the eras of David Tennant and Matt Smith. The Weeping Angels were statues of angels that became terrifying creatures if you closed your eyes. This led to the brilliant catchphrase “don’t blink, don’t even blink, blink and you’re dead”. As well as having several episodes dedicated to them, the Weeping Angels have also had cameo appearances throughout the shows run.

The silence

These were prominent during Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor. They were an alien race that once you stopped looking at them, you stopped remembering them. They were creepy and mysterious. Because of the nature of the alien, the doctor and his companions had to develop ingenious strategies to defeat them. They reappeared in future episodes as well. Although they were defeated they would be a worthy adversary if ever they were brought back.

Vashta Nerada

While they only appeared in one episode they were a very creepy presence. In that episode, they took control of corpses. This meant you had space suits with skull faces wandering around the library being generally creepy. The episode was pretty notable for introducing us to River Song, a companion that would appear in the lives of three different doctors to date.

The Zygons

This shapeshifting race was brought back brilliantly during Capaldi’s run as the doctor. They were used as a metaphor for the alienation of different races in a subtle way. The fractious and fragile relationship between the Earth and the Zygons is certainly a dynamic worth re-exploring by Whittaker’s doctor.


The leader of the Dalek race. Davros looks like somebody took the emperor from Star Wars and put him in a trash can. He is manipulative and creepy. He differs himself from the rest of his race by being more cerebral. While the Daleks are just destruction happy, Davros is more calculating and that is what makes him such a force to be reckoned with.

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