Ladies – Here Are The Phrases To Avoid On Your Internet Dating Bios

Disclaimer this article is going to be aimed towards the ladies. The reason for that is fairly simple. I’m a man. I am a man who knows his way around a dating app. I am a man who has seen enough dating profiles to spot a cliché. Here are some of the biggest no-nos for your tinder bio.

My kids are my number one priority/my world

As they always should be. This is a difficult one because a guy probably needs to know you have kids. But also it’s a bit like saying “you are never going to be that important to me”. This will put off some guys and not all of the ones put off will be losers either. As somebody who has dated mothers, not all of them have room in their hearts for somebody else and dating someone like that can be soul-destroying. If a decent guy has had that kind of experiences a simple phrase like this can put him off.

I am not looking for fun

This is an interesting phrase and one that is used frequently. I understand that a lot of women may have had bad experiences where they started to fall for a guy but for him, it was just about sex. There are a lot of women who don’t want casual sex. We get it. But you think that line is going to put off guys who are just looking for sex? Nope! However, it might put off someone who is interested but easily intimidated. Also while “fun” has connotations – we still want actual fun, right?

Don’t send me dick pics

People should not send unsolicited pictures of their private parts to other people. I’m fairly certain there are laws against this, aren’t there? Unfortunately, this seems pretty common in today’s society. Once again though, saying you don’t want it is a bit redundant. The type of guy who will read that and think “oh gosh, best not whip out my junk and send her a snap” are the sort of guys who would never dream of doing it anyway.


I like quiet nights in and nights out

You certainly have covered both bases there. But do you like nights where you stand in your doorway? Guys would prefer to know what you like to do on those nights out. Are you a party girl that will do more shots than us? Or do you prefer to check out a play and eat somewhere nice? When you are “in” do you watch Julia Roberts movies or Harry Potter. Be specific, specific is interesting, cliché is not.

I’m not a size zero

You don’t have to be. Post a picture that shows you’re proportions and you will weed out the shallow guys. Mentioning this makes you seem insecure about your weight. Don’t be. Love yourself, it’s sexy!

I have a bubbly personality

Firstly you should never describe your personality. To quote many a creative writing teacher “show don’t tell”. Your personality should resonate from your bio. Also the word bubbly has become synonymous with weight. Sad but true.

Just ask/I’ll fill this in later

This means that you are too lazy to think of anything clever to write. The problem with putting this is that any guy that messages you will be doing so due to the fact he purely finds you physically attractive. Is that really what you want. Someone who only wants you for your looks?

Please don’t message me if you are under 6 foot as I’m tall

This nearly always means that they are tall. Sometimes you don’t need subtext! As somebody who is a short-ass and dated someone much taller than them, it’s all a load of crap. If you like someone height is a non-factor. Who cares what anyone else thinks, we are all the same height lying down.

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