The CES Has Introduced This Revolutionary Folding Tablet

Every year there is a massive technology conference known as the CES or Consumer Electronics Show. This years event has been an amazing event and one of the stand-out items could revolutionise all of our lives.

On display at the event was a folding tablet. Now, this technology has been available for some time. Mobile phone companies and TV designers have been experimenting with it for a good while, but seeing it come to life in a practical way at this years CES was very cool and has ramifications for the future.

Mobile technology

This will be the area that the technology primarily impacts. Smartphones are as good now as they have ever been. However, it is getting to the stage where each new incarnation is just taking what has come previously and tweaking it. There haven’t been any real smartphone innovations in some time. This trend could end now.

The cool thing about this new technology is that screens are less likely to break. When you have a bendable material the chances of it smashing are reduced massively. For most modern (slightly clumsy) members of society, we have had to, at one time or another, pay for a screen repair or make our peace with a dodgy phone. Imagine if that was no longer the case. Speaking of cases you would no longer need one.

It also does away with the need for stands! Want your device to stand up? Simply curl around the corners slightly and bingo. Eventually, we could see this technology evolve to see phones that could wrap around our wrists. This could be where the smartwatch and smartphone become one.

The next big leap for TV’s

The leap from High definition to 4k probably seemed like a bit of a non-event to most TV owners. A lot of us bought into it but you have to be wholly honest here. While there are differences, who sits at home in front of their massive HD TV’s thinking, man those pixels look huge? Nobody. In fact most of them you can stick your head virtually next to the screen and not really notice a thing.

This new technology, however, makes for exciting developments in the TV world. For starters, the material used in the bendable tablet is very lightweight and can be made very thin. Imagine a TV you could unhook from the wall and roll up. That is a direction that could be taken with this tech.


Imagine a laptop device taking advantage of this technology. A first it appears to be a regular tablet but if you unfold it suddenly it becomes a laptop. Then when you appear to have run out of screen space you unfold your second screen. Once you have finished what you were doing you fold the screens back and roll the entire thing up. Then when you get to the business meeting you unfold the entire thing into a much larger screen and display your entire presentation. Voila.

Of course, the scope of what could be done using this technology is far greater than what has been mooted here. I’m sure our readers could think of countless potential uses (and if you can please feel free to contact us.) I just hope that the technology isn’t squandered. When mobile phones started introducing curved screens, like the Galaxy Edge it was essentially just a tacked on gimmick. This has the potential to be so much more than that but developers need to embrace it and use the technology to do things that are practical and useful. If not it’s just an aesthetic “improvement” that will probably fall by the wayside.

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