Bored Of Chips Here Are Some Healthy Alternatives

Who doesn’t like a good chip? It is one of Britain’s most iconic foods. I dread to think what that says about us as a country. They literally go with anything from curry to a bolognese. The only issue is that they aren’t particularly healthy. So here are some great alternatives to the humble chip.

Jacket Potato

A lot of eateries will offer jacket Potatoes as an alternative to chips. The downside is that these are still potato-based so still carb heavy. The massive advantage is that they are not soaked in oil. This is the main issues with chips. Also, interesting health fact: chunky chips are better for you than skinny chips (French fries). The reason is that each chip absorbs less oil.


There are some meals that pasta probably doesn’t really go with but make no mistake. It is actually pretty versatile. From plain pasta which will go nicely with chilli, or a bolognese. To pasta ‘n’ sauce. The packeted pasta portions are easy and quick to make and accompany a wealth of other foods. My personal favourite is the broccoli flavour pasts alongside Golden Drummers. Yum.


Cooking rice seems so simple on the face of it, doesn’t it? There is definitely an art form to cooking it though – it is easy to get wrong. Fortunately, in the modern world, there are a wealth of microwave alternatives for your convenience. Not only is microwave rice a great time saver it also has the benefit of coming in a range of different flavours. From Lime and coriander to Mexican. It is definitely a cool alternative to chips.

Sweet potatoes

These are so versatile and in many ways are superior to the humble potato. You can have them mashed or make your own fries. Simply parboil them and cut into “chip-like” shapes. Then sprits them with fry-light before oven cooking for a delicious alternative to chips.


This still takes advantage of having a potato but does away with the oil. It is worth noting that really great mash quite often has a knob of butter in it. So proceed with caution. Frozen mash is great in a pinch and is actually really tasty.

Veggie Mash

Mash potato is healthier than chips. If you want to go to the next level replace the potato with something healthier. Carrot and swede both work, as do sweet potatoes. Or if you really want to give yourself an awesome eating experience make up some bubble and squeak. Leftovers are particularly great for this.

Homemade wedges

These can be made with potatoes or sweet potatoes. Either cut your chosen tuber into wedges or get a handy cutter which will do that hard work for you. If you are feeling lazy you don’t even have to peel them. Skin-on wedges give your meal that lovely rustic feel. Parboil if you are pressed for time and then bung in the oven with a drizzle of oil and some sea salt and pepper or your favourite dried herbs/spices.

Carrot fries

You can get these from most big supermarkets in their freezer section. They are oven baked and despite having a battered coating in order to give them a nice crunch they are still about half the calories of a plate of oven chips. Plus they will help you see in the dark – probably.



Ramen noodles are the staple of most university students meals. If you get none-branded ones they can be as cheap as about 30p a packet. Even the “posh” super noodles are cheap as chips! And they are better for you than chips as well.

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