The Venom In These Deadly Animals Could Kill You In Minutes

Living in the UK we seldom have to worry about animals. Our biggest threats from the animal kingdom tend to be from our own pets. However not everywhere is as lucky as us. Many creatures in the animal kingdom contain venom or poison. Interesting fact the difference between the two is one is ingested or absorbed, while the other is injected. So here are 8 of the worlds most deadly, venomous animals.

Black Mamba

Although its venom is not the most potent snake venom it is fully deserving of its place on this list. These aren’t generally black coloured and are named after the inside of their mouths which is completely black. They do hiss and are reluctant attackers, but the snake is common and people are ignoring its hisses which means that thousands of people are being bitten by them every year.

Marble cone snail

A snail you say? Surely not. Snails aren’t exactly renowned for being people killers. I mean there was that horror story about killer slugs, but snails. Unfortunately, the harpoon from the cone snail can penetrate wetsuits. Their poison is so deadly there is enough in a single snail to kill twenty human beings. Deaths are rare but only take a few minutes. The silver lining is they move at a snail’s pace. Sorry.

Puffer Fish

Pufferfish contain a potent neurotoxin. Although their spines, which deliver the venom are a defence mechanism so you have to be pretty unfortunate to suffer at the hands of one. It is ironic that a lot of deaths caused by puffer fish are because they are a delicacy known as Fufu. Despite only highly trained chefs being allowed to prepare Fugu accidents do happen. It’s so dangerous it is banned in the EU.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

As its name suggests this spider does like to roam and that is part of the reason it is so deadly. Because it is commonly found you are more likely to be bitten by it. They also have a nasty habit of hiding in banana leaves. It is due to this that some poor chap in London had to have his house fumigated after an egg sack dispersed filling his home with tiny, deadly spiders.

Stone Fish

The reason these are so deadly is that their powerful venom is injected through spines on their skin. Unfortunately, unlike some of the other animals on the list, they are not easy to spot. You see the stone fish gets its name from the fact it looks like a stone. Because of this, it is very easy to step on them.

Inland Taipan

Although these are more remote than the Black Mamba they are far more potent. Their venom is the strongest snake venom, but because of their reclusive nature attacks on humans are rare. This is a godsend. As they only hunt mammals their toxins are designed to be particularly effective on them. Which is bad news if you are a human that gets bit by one.

Blue-ringed octopus

Although these are small they pack a potent punch. Their venom can kill you in a matter of minutes. Like with many venomous animals they don’t hide the fact they are toxic. Instead, they are beautifully coloured. Therefore deaths are rare as most divers tend to just steer clear of them.


Box Jellyfish

Not only are these common jellyfish potentially fatal they are also really hard to spot. They can get quite large but they are virtually transparent and that is part of what makes them top the list. They kill anywhere between 30-40 people per year. This is far more than sharks.

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