Ranked Potential Winners For This Years Royal Rumble Match

While Wrestlemania is the WWE’s flagship event that doesn’t mean it is the most interesting. The Royal Rumble is one of the “big four” and possibly the event that gets fans most excited. Here are some potential winners for the event and our views on their chances.

AJ Styles

You could make a very valid argument for AJ not needing the win. He is a mainstay at the top of the card on Smackdown and is basically the face of the brand. He needs to feature prominently at Wrestlemania but an ironman role is more likely for him in the rumble. 4/10

Baron Corbin

He has been heavily pushed and he is an easy to dislike heel. But could you see him headlining ‘mania against Braun Strowman or Brock Lesnar? Neither could we! 2/10

Bobby Lashley

Another man receiving a heel push. While he is a talented in-ring performer he doesn’t have the popularity to pull of a rumble win. Too soon for him. 1/10


Braun Strowman

Being as he is battling for the title he may not even feature in the event. They may be smart to keep him out because let’s be honest, who the heck is going to eliminate him? If he does enter and doesn’t win it whoever gets him out will get a positive rub. 6/10

Bray Wyatt

He’s been off our screens for some time. The eater of worlds is so often a nearly-man. His charisma is such that he should be a prominent figure but often ends up on the wrong side of feuds. Would like to see him come back and have a good showing. 5/10

Dean Ambrose

His turn on Rollins may have been the highlight of 2018. It was just handled brilliantly. Raw needs a great heel, but the problem is that Ambrose would need to face, presumably Strowman if he won and I couldn’t see Ambrose appearing a threat to Braun. 6/10

Dolph Ziggler

After looking dead and buried, Ziggler’s character was given a revival in his team with McIntyre. Drew is moving on and despite showing a lot of heart Ziggler lost that feud. He needs avoid falling back to a “loser who fights hard” gimmick. A strong Rumble showing might kickstart his momentum, but I expect he will get tossed out by Drew. 3/10

Finn Balor

The inaugural Universal champ hasn’t been back to the summit since his injury. Expect a strong showing. 7/10

Drew McIntyre

He has been heavily pushed and is probably one of the best heels on Raw. If Braun beats Brock Drew has to be one of the favourites. 8/10

John Cena

Cena could presumably go after the Raw or Smackdown title. He is a part-timer but the ‘mania card could use him. Fans would hate it though. 6/10

Jeff Hardy

Been involved in a fantastic feud with Samoa Joe. Hardy at one point looked a main eventer but at 40 it may be too late. 4/10

Kevin Owens

The WWE has missed him. His injury is supposed to keep him out until March, but how often have we seen that be a smokescreen? 5/10

Randy Orton

Randy is a workhorse who can always step up into the main event picture. But he doesn’t really need the win. 5/10

Samoa Joe

Coming off the back off a great feud with Hardy it would great to see him do something big in the Rumble. The only problem is that him against a heel Bryan probably wouldn’t work. 6/10

Seth Rollins

One of the biggest names in the WWE. He deserves a win. And a match against Brock at ‘Mania would be intriguing. 8/10

Shinsuke Nakamura

He probably won’t win it twice in a row. Unfortunately. 4/10

The Rock

For a while was the bookies favourite as he was rumoured to be facing Roman at Wrestlemania. The Rock versus Brock at Wrestlemania is certainly a ticket-seller. Although may not even feature. 7/10

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